Details of the attack on a schoolgirl in the Moscow region have become known: Society: Russia:

Eyewitnesses revealed the details of the attack on a nine-year-old schoolgirl in Solnechnogorsk near Moscow. On Sunday, September 12, REN TV reports.

According to preliminary data, the girl was attacked by a homeless man. The Investigative Committee clarifies that the 38-year-old man was previously convicted and openly stole a mobile phone from a schoolgirl, hitting her twice in the face.

Residents of the district note that there were enough people on the street at the time of the incident, including men. But the girl’s savior turned out to be a neighbor, who noticed an unknown person through the window, who was leading the schoolgirl to the corner of the house, and then began to choke her and cover her mouth with his hand.

“I ran to my stepmother Daria and told about what had happened. She flew out of the house in what she was and ran in this direction, ”she said.

It was the stepmother who saw the attacker on the street and began to shout to let the child go. Then the man stopped and loosened his grip, and the schoolgirl began to call for help. After that, the attacker fled. Nobody reacted to the girl’s screams. “People were walking around, the girl got up in a daze at first,” said Daria.

Earlier on September 12, it became known that in the Moscow region a man attacked a schoolgirl and tried to strangle her. Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under article “Robbery with the use of violence.” The case was taken under control by the head of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Bastrykin.

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