Experts’ opinions on the eve of the final of the US Open – 2021: Novak Djokovic – Daniil Medvedev, about the Russian’s chances for the title

Account to the grand final of the US Open – 2021 Djokovic – Medvedev goes already for hours. Experts from the Championship and other publications analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the US Open finalists. Let’s see what happens on Sunday.

Evgeny Kafelnikov, two-time champion of the Grand Slam tournaments:

– There were no concerns about Medvedev’s game with Auger-Alyassim. Danya controlled the course of the match: he could add when needed – he is stronger than Felix in all components. Victory 3: 0 is a natural final result. Of course, the very moment that happened in the second set – when Dana managed to break – is very important. Understand that winning a set by losing 2: 5 is a big plus. Dana did not have to play a long match and, as a result, managed to save physical energy for the final. He’s great! On the other hand, I can’t say that if Medvedev lost the second set, the match could have turned out differently.

Medvedev is thundering in America!  He rushed like a whirlwind across the US Open grid and will play in the final again
Medvedev is thundering in America! He rushed like a whirlwind across the US Open grid and will play in the final again

In the final, Medvedev needs to try to get Djokovic out of his playing comfort zone. It is difficult to say exactly how to do this: you have to watch it during the match. The Serb has everything in his arsenal: he himself can undermine the opponent’s game beyond recognition. But most importantly, Dana needs to keep her concentration from the first to the last drawing. If you look at what is at stake, then I will call Djokovic, though small, but the favorite of the final meeting. Novak himself says that for him this is the main match in life. Imagine winning the calendar Grand Slam is a phenomenal achievement. I think no one will repeat such a story in the next 100 years. It will be very interesting for us as fans and spectators to watch this final.

Who will be more pressured? It is the same for both Djokovic and Medvedev. If Novak does not win Sunday’s match, it will be a big disaster for him. Exactly the same situation is with Dani: losing the third final of the Grand Slam is an unhealthy trend that can last for a long time. This is a kind of psychological breakdown. For each of the tennis players – Djokovic and Medvedev – defeat in the final will be a big disaster, – the correspondent of “Championship” Salavat Murtazin reports Kafelnikov’s words.

Djokovic took revenge on Zverev for the fiasco in Tokyo and will fight Medvedev in the US Open final
Djokovic took revenge on Zverev for the fiasco in Tokyo and will fight Medvedev in the US Open final

Mats Wilander, 7-time Grand Slam winner:

– What I like about Medvedev’s game is that he is always aggressive. If he leads 2: 0 in sets, he still does not stop there. Daniel continues to control the game. Now he more and more often began to go to the net, began to hit better from the air. I cannot find any errors in his game. Daniel’s movements are as incredible as the timing of them. He literally reads the opponent’s play. If he continues in the same spirit, then those who want to defeat him will have to go through a very, very long and difficult day, – quotes Wilander’s words to

Andrey Chesnokov, semi-finalist of Roland Garros – 1989:

– Of course, Djokovic has achieved very great achievements this year, has done serious work. Imagine, now, at 34 years old, he has a chance to win all the Grand Slam tournaments? In general, everything! This is unique. I followed his performances in Australia and at Roland Garros. You see, it happens that you look at a player who has played five sets, he just “died”. And he was not enough for the next match. But this does not happen with Djokovic. He plays five sets, and it would seem that he will not be enough for the next match, but no … Medvedev and Djokovic have already met this year in the final of the Australian Open. I am afraid to predict anything. In theory, of course, Medvedev is fresh, and in order to beat Djokovic, I think he needs to play better than in the semifinals with Auger-Alyassim. I believe that the Canadian made a lot of gifts, made unforced mistakes. I think that Djokovic will not allow this. Nevertheless, he ran a very big marathon in the match with Zverev, so he will be tired. If Djokovic is fresh, then, it seems to me, it will be difficult for Medvedev to beat his opponent. But I cannot say that it will be a courtyard, as it was in the second and third sets at the Australian Open, – Chesnokov is quoted by Match TV.

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Andrey Olkhovsky, two-time champion of the Grand Slam tournaments in mixed doubles:

– One is dominated by the prospect of winning four Grand Slam tournaments in a year, while the other has a chance to take the Grand Slam title for the first time, which I really want to win. And, in my opinion, psychology will decide a lot – how will both cope with the excitement. In terms of the game shown in the semifinals, Djokovic played a very good match with Zverev. And Daniel played very tenaciously and at the right moments accurately and competently. It is very interesting to watch how Danya plays when needed. There is already a very high class and a very high level here.

The fact that Danya gave only a set for the tournament – I would not pay attention to it. Yes, everyone is playing at a fairly good level now, but if you look at the grid, maybe there weren’t any strong enough seeded players. But this does not detract from the fact that Medvedev lost only one set. In any case, Danya plays very well, in my opinion. It is fresh, which is important. And the ending is the ending. Here, as I said, psychology plays a very important role.

What, apart from psychology, can play for Medvedev? The pressure that Djokovic will have is precisely because he can repeat the historic achievement of Rod Laver. Since Laver, since 1969, there has not been a single player in the world who won four Grand Slam tournaments in a year, Olkhovsky told !.

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Vladimir Kamelzon, Honored Coach of Russia:

“Danya is simply obliged to win this tournament! You don’t make it to the finals every year. He walked along his side and did not blink an eye, even I was not tired of looking at him. And Djokovic rewound five sets with Zverev. This can affect the finale.

Djokovic showed in the semifinals that he is a tennis god. I have not seen such a match yet. As if the ending was being played. Novak won because his level of tennis art is higher than that of Zverev. Sasha played mechanically, while Djokovic created and invented. I constantly improvised.

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And Danya will be able to fight. He can do anything. There have never been players like him and there never will be more. Medvedev is gifted with nature. Nobody thinks that way, nobody has such an approach to the ball. This will be a historic ending. Nobody, except Medvedev, will be able to stop Djokovic in pursuit of the calendar “Helmet”, – the correspondent of “Championship” Andrey Pankov reports Kamelzon’s words.

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