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Samsung may launch the next generation of the Galaxy Note smartphone next year. About this in his Twitter according to a well-known insider under the nickname Ice Universe.

The specialist hinted at the likely “resurrection” of the popular line of phones. According to an insider, he noticed the mention of a new Galaxy Note series device in the supply chain of components for smartphones. “I’ve seen evidence of the next generation Galaxy Note,” wrote the author on his social media.

At the moment it is not known exactly how the new device will be called and what characteristics it will receive. Traditionally, Samsung announced new versions of the Note series devices in late summer or early August. Most likely, the nearest device of the Korean brand will be the flagship smartphone Galaxy S22, which is expected to be released in early 2022.

Previously, Ice Unverse admitted that Samsung will continue to work on smartphones of the popular flagship series. “As good as the sales of the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3 are, this is no reason to ditch the Galaxy Note,” the author noted in late August.

The last device in the series was the Galaxy Note 20, released in August 2020.

Earlier, network insiders found on the network a hint that Samsung is ready to finally “bury” the Galaxy Note line. The network found evidence of the renewal of registration of a number of Samsung trademarks, among which there was no Galaxy Note brand.

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