how Jennifer Aniston’s style has changed

Jennifer Aniston is one of those stars whose looks still inspire us today. Her style has gone through many changes: in the 90s she wore dresses over T-shirts, in the 2000s she wore a black total bow with a leather trench coat, in 2010 – deep cutouts and translucent textures, and today the actress prefers classic, but no less beautiful dresses. …

We tell about how Aniston’s fashion evolution took place in our material.


Yes, Jennifer Aniston was indeed one of the main style icons of the 90s, but for this she had to go through a difficult one. In general, at the beginning of that decade, the career of an actress could hardly be called successful. Many believed that the reason was Jennifer’s appearance. Then her agent took over the image of Aniston: an updated wardrobe and minus 14 kilograms did their job, and the actress got the role of Rachel Green in “Friends”, which made Jennifer a real star.

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