“I would not like to think so, but either Verstappen made a mistake in the calculations, or, on the contrary, he calculated everything and ran into Hamilton,” Damon Hill reports – Auto

1996 Formula 1 champion and Sky Sports expert Damon Hill shared his views on the crash involving Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at the Italian Grand Prix, suggesting that the Red Bull rider might have deliberately collided.

“It should be noted that after watching the replay of Lewis and Max’s dash to the first corner, I have to say this: it would not have worked. Max needed to take action to avoid a collision, as Lewis had done in the second chicane in the previous case. Thus, from this one can draw only one conclusion about the thoughts of Verstappen – he thought: “I have to endure him.”

Honestly, I would not like to think so about any racer, but it seems to me that in this case we are talking either about an error in the calculations on the part of Max, or vice versa about a calculated maneuver to collide with Lewis.

I understand that this is a very strong statement and I myself do not like the fact that I can suspect someone of this, but Max had a point advantage in the overall standings, and this race, as it seemed initially, should have been won by Mercedes “. And Max leaves Monza as the leader of the championship, ”said Hill.

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