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Reviews of the studio’s new game have appeared on the network ArkaneDeathloop, who, on average, were almost enthusiastic.

Now the time loop shooter has 88 points out of 100 on Opencritic on 49 reviews, and the project was recommended by 96% of reviewers. On Metacritic a similar situation – 90 points for 51 texts by critics.
Most of the reviews mention excellent game design and improvements that the authors implemented after criticizing certain elements. Dishonored… Portal author Destructoid mentioned that the game combines the classic stealth moments of the studio’s past projects with an interesting new concept.
In addition, some authors praise the world, characters, battles, and the successful use of the time loop. As, for example, it was done in “Kanobu“.

Deathloop has many elements [дневники, аудиологи, свобода перемещения и навыки персонажей] are revealed in a new way – largely thanks to the mechanics with a time loop, because of which all the characters in the game experience the same day over and over again.

According to GameSpot, the game asks the user an interesting central question – since it allows you to kill enemies without any special consequences:

If nothing matters, what gives meaning to your actions?


The answer to it is simple – players kill in order to break that very time loop, and in the process of passing, the growth of the hero is constantly felt and the confidence that the goal is still there.

The technical part of the game, connected with the mechanics of battles, was called “deconstruction” of the studio’s own style – all tasks seem to be simple, but gradually the project begins to push the user towards realizing how everything actually works here.

However, not everyone liked this simplicity:

Not exactly a flop, but while the time-loop action is fun, much of it, unfortunately, is wasted on simple tasks and a surprisingly low-key image of uncontrollable hedonism.


In addition, some authors point out that the best elements of the project are hidden not in the stealth shooter part, but in the multiplayer invasions. Individual reviewers also encountered technical problems, but nothing critical was found.

In the most negative review of the portal Gamers heroes The reviewer noted that he was not carried away by the concept of the project, although he noted that Dishonored fans will surely be pleased.

Deathloop is in a strange position. It’s not as good as Dishonored, but I’m not looking forward to seeing a new installment in this series.

Gamers heroes

Otherwise, the game gets mostly praise, the authors of which do not agree with the claims about the fascination of the project:

A great time-loop shooter where Dishonored’s best tricks and techniques can shine.


The game will be released tomorrow on PS5 and PC, and a special trailer has also appeared in honor of the release.

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