Jennifer Aniston explains the meaning of the “11 11” tattoo on her wrist

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Jennifer Aniston explained the meaning of the “11 11” tattoo on her wrist - Photo 1

Rumor has it that Jennifer Aniston is finally explained the nature of her mysterious tattoo – the famous numbers “11 11”, stuffed on her wrist.

For years, fans of the Friends star have speculated about what exactly this symbolic cipher means. Potential theories were primarily based on Jen’s lucky number, a dedication to her dogs, or even her birthday, February 11th.

Now it turns out according to girlfriend Jennifer Andrea Benevald, the assumptions weren’t that much groundless

On February 11, Andrea on Instagram wished Aniston a happy birthday, writing: “I can’t wait to celebrate and make even more magical wishes! 11 11 ”.

Her post revealed that both she and Jennifer have the same tattoos on their wrists.

Jennifer Aniston explained the meaning of the “11 11” tattoo on her wrist - Photo 2

“Happy birthday, my eternal sister from another father. 37 years old and counting continues. The best is yet to come, ”wrote the popular actress, congratulating his girlfriend on a holiday a few weeks later.

When Jennifer first showed her tattoo in 2018, PEOPLE released information from a source close to the actress, explaining that “11” symbolizes her birthday, as well as the deceased Welsh Corgi Terrier, Norman, who passed away in 2011. Earlier Jennifer let slip that the name of her beloved dog is imprinted in the form of a tattoo on the inside of her foot.

It is not known how many more tattoos the actress has, except for the most prominent ones – those on the arms and legs.

However, many admirers of Jen’s talent, and they themselves made tattoos in her honor. For example, this Thursday, Whitney Cummings interviewed model Hannah Stocking while she painted the first letter of Jennifer Aniston’s name on the presenter’s foot.

“For the sake of laughter, I’m ready to do anything. I love the Jennifer Aniston tattoo. It’s so stupid, but I’m in love with it, ”admitted the 38-year-old comedian.

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