Jennifer Aniston introduced her new pet with a cute video

Jennifer Aniston is a famous dog fan. Today it became known that her four-legged family was replenished with another representative – a white puppy named Lord Chesterfield. Jennifer posted a video on Instagram in which baby Chesterfield is sound asleep right with a treat in his teeth.

Hey! I want to introduce you to our new family member … This is (very tired) Lord Chesterfield. He stole my heart instantly. HUGE thanks to @wagmorpets for the amazing work you are doing. You take care of the rescued puppies and help them find their new permanent home, – Aniston signed the video.

The Friends star expressed gratitude to the organization The Wagmor Pet Hotel & Spa, which is engaged in the rescue of dogs and their further placement, including in star families. The story of Chesterfield is not yet known, but it is absolutely certain that he will now begin a much happier life. Besides him, Aniston also has a Schnauzer Clyde and a pit bull Sophie. Previously, the actress also had a German shepherd named Dolly, whom she took care of along with her ex-husband, Justin Theroux. In July last year, Dolly passed away, Aniston thought about the new puppy in December, telling about it in an interview with People magazine:

I’m close to deciding to have another dog. And my friend Ellen DeGeneres loves to bombard me with heart-breaking photos of animals looking for their home. And by the way, if I could get a llama, a pig, an alpaca, a sheep or a geese, I would. But I need to think about Clyde and Sophie, as long as they are comfortable.


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