Kendall Jenner confessed to being addicted to social media

“Я чувствую, что чем больше смотрю на экран, тем больше отстраняясь от своего собственного тела и того, что происходит вокруг меня”. 
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Kendall Jenner has been outspoken about her addicted relationship with social media.

The 25-year-old supermodel detailed her “romance” with social media in the second episode of the “Open Minded»Vogue magazine. So, the star shared with the audience information that it was precisely because of the negativity that she saw in her direction every day that her anxiety problems only got worse.

“It was literally too much. I caught myself thinking that the more I look at the screen, the more detached I feel in relation to my body and what was happening right in front of me. At the moment, my relationship with social media is a bit addictive, which I don’t like. I’m not proud of this, but I want to say that this is a problem that is likely to be close to many of us. I don’t like the fact that I initially feel the need to have social media accounts. But this cannot be avoided. “

In conversation with Dr. Jorge Partida, chief of psychology at the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Jenner said she is particularly influenced by the “false stories” that circulate about her on the Internet.

“What makes my blood boil in my veins that really upsets me the most is when someone tells an absolute lie about me. The internet, I think, builds things up on such small points without any context. Users don’t know what happened before or after, and they take that and start using unverified information, and then completely judge you based on that little thing. “

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Jenner also added that sometimes the whole negative is that people don’t like the way she looks in the photo.

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“Sometimes I feel like I’m breaking down. That I can’t take it all anymore, ”she explained the feeling that arises afterwards. The supermodel feels like there is absolutely nothing she can do right.

“Social media makes everything seem more significant, whether it’s good or bad. I think my social media anxiety is more likely to be satiated with everything. “

In past Kendall has already spoken openly about her anxiety problems.

Last year aired the show Good Morning America the model revealed that she suffered from panic attacks as a child.

“I was very, very small, but I remember how I could not breathe. I ran to my mother and told her about it. Something was wrong. Of course, she took me to a lot of doctors to make sure I was okay physically. Nobody ever told me that I was suffering from heightened anxiety. ”

And although these feelings subsided for a while, Jenner admitted that everything returned a few years ago, when she experienced crazy panic attacks. Kendall frankly added that symptoms anxiety began to seem so real to her that she turned into a real hypochondriac.

“There have been times when I feltthat I urgently need to go to the hospital, because it seemed to me that my heart was jumping out of my chest, and I needed the help of professionals. Sometimes I think I’m dying. ”

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