Lovchev proposed candidates for the post of head of the RFU refereeing department

Former footballer of “Spartak” and the USSR national team Yevgeny Lovchev commented on the news of the resignation of Viktor Kashshai from the post of head of the refereeing department.

– Why did they bring the foreigner? In order to establish not VAR as such, but in general the refereeing in general. But as there were many mistakes, there are. It was not possible to educate some young guys during this time. I think they saw that there is no shift, and the money is paid decent.

Probably, the next post will be taken by a Russian person. There was Rosetti, there was someone else. We have decent people who can lead the department. For example, Nikolaev, who leads the judging programs. I’m sure he could have been a good leader. Ivanov, Levnikov too… All normal, understanding people. This leapfrog is like with the coaches of Spartak: every year they change coaches and will not stop at all. And here you have to stop and entrust this business to someone.

You have to figure out what to do. It is not difficult, it is necessary to educate a whole generation of young talented judges who will make judging decisions based on the same rules. You see, someone in the center of the field gives a card, and someone holds it and does not give it. Everyone immediately begins to argue whether this is a biased judge. It is impossible to say that something has changed since Kashshai and a generation has grown up in our country. The same as with Rosetti. Probably, there is less confidence in him. When they were invited, they said that he would be in charge, but now, apparently, this is not the case, ”Lovchev said.

The head of the RFU refereeing department, Viktor Kashshai, resigned on September 13 due to organizational changes in the RFU. The Hungarian has been in office since January 2020. He replaced Alexander Egorov in this post.

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