Nizhny Novgorod Kerzhakov beat Dynamo in the match with two missed penalties and sending-off

As part of the seventh round of the RPL, Dynamo hosted Nizhny Novgorod.

Game protocol

Dynamo had a great chance to take the lead for a break, but the blue-white failed to finish off Lokomotiv, releasing Zenit to the first line. However, vigorous play and attacking activity allow us to consider Dynamo as a clear contender for gold. Nizhny Novgorod was on its way to visit Schwartz’s youth in anticipation of a serious test.

Kerzhakov’s thorny team frayed their nerves at the start, but now they are expecting a “trick” from “NN”, so there is no talk of underestimating the opponent. Zakharyan, Tyukavin and Makarov started the match without swinging, crushing the guests in the first 15 minutes. At the same time, there was a goal. The first, however, was canceled. Makarov beat Shimanski, the Pole shot powerfully on goal, Nigmatullin saved, and Denis himself scored on finishing.

The referees spotted Makarov’s offside position, not counting his first goal, but Denis did not slow down. On the contrary, he pressed harder. He constantly came to dribble, burst into the penalty area, took over the game and was soon rewarded. On the arc of the penalty area, Makarov took the ball from Moro, for some reason did not meet any resistance at all and with the second touch he fired at the right post, catching Nigmatullin by surprise – 1: 0.

Dynamo quickly opened an account, and the guests had only a forced replacement from the news. Kakkoev appeared instead of Mogilevets while the hosts were building up the pressure. The Muscovites finally changed their flanks and it turned out to be dangerous. Varela ran to the front, gave out a juicy canopy to Tyukavin, but Konstantin could not hit the target from four meters. Then Zakharyan discharged the cannon from a medium distance, almost breaking the crossbar. The fact that the guests came out in the second half, losing only one goal, is pure luck.

But after the break, the owners were already lucky. Almost the first attack of “Nizhny Novgorod” ended with a clumsy blow from Kozlov, which was stopped by Laxalt’s hand. Timur Suleimanov confidently approached the “point” and also confidently lubricated the blow, breaking through from the 11-meter mark above the gate. Inaccurate, but even more dangerous strike from a long distance was answered by Denis Makarov, who accelerated in earnest. The ball flew a little higher than the “nine” after the “Dynamo” hit.

For such extravagance, the guests punished the Muscovites in the end. The cross from the left flank was cleverly missed by Berkovsky, who took the defender away, and Gorbunov had already completed the attack without hindrance, breaking past Shunin – 1: 1. And five minutes before the end of the match, there was a general shock. Now Gorbunov himself fired a cross, Ennin threw the ball to Kalinsky, who didn’t have the best shot and, with the help of a ricochet from Varela, beat Shunin – 1: 2! At the same time, Muscovites could get away from defeat – fresh Grulev earned a penalty, simultaneously removing Masoero, but Clinton Nzhi lost the duel to Arthur Nigmatullin.

The strong-willed victory of Nizhny Novgorod over Dynamo allowed Kerzhakov’s team to bypass CSKA and Spartak in the standings.

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