Olivia Wilde has confirmed an affair with a famous singer

Olivia Wilde has confirmed an affair with a famous singer

Actress Olivia Wilde


Earlier this year, Olivia Wilde made the world talk about her love life.

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Over the past month, the world media have not stopped discussing Olivia Wilde’s romance with the ex-lead singer of the “One Direction” group – singer Harry Styles.

The proof of a possible relationship between the stars was their joint appearance at the wedding of a mutual friend – Styles manager Jeffrey Azoff.

The other day, Olivia herself decided to place a large publication on her Instagram page, with the help of which she shed light on the changes in her personal life.

The star accompanied her post with a photograph of her young lover, and in the signature she thanked the entire team of the painting “Don’t worry, sun” for the work done. It was this work that brought Wilde and Styles together.

Let me tell you a little-known fact: most men refuse to play supporting roles if the main role belongs to a woman. However, Harry Styles, our beloved “Jack,” not only relished the opportunity to let the gorgeous Florence Pugh take center stage, he also infused every scene with a very subtle sense of humanity, ”writes Olivia. – He had the opportunity to refuse and not take part in our performance, but he jumped aboard us with such grace that every day we were amazed at what talent and warmth this man possesses.

Actress Olivia Wilde / instagram.com/oliviawilde

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Already, the relationship between Olivia and Harry is starting to take on a more serious level. The couple tries to spend all their free time together and feel very happy.


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