Olympic champion Lilia Akhaimova was handed the keys to the BMW X5 – Vladivostok news on VL.ru

The winners and awardees of the Tokyo Olympics received BMW X5 and BMW X3 as gifts. The gymnast Lilia Akhaimova from Vladivostok became the owner of one of them.

Russian winners and medalists of the Olympics received cars from the Olympians Support Fund. The keys to BMW on the territory of the Kremlin were handed over to the athletes by the deputy head of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev, writes TASS.

Gold medalists were awarded to the BMW X5, silver and bronze – to the BMW X3. The equipment depends on the level and number of medals won by athletes. In total, the Olympians were awarded 77 cars.

Olympic champion in artistic gymnastics Lilia Akhaimova received one of the BMW X5s. She announced this on her Instagram. Instead of a license plate on the car, there is a plate with the name and surname of the athlete. With it, she will be able to drive until she puts the car on record.

“My! I will love you very much, I have been waiting for you for so long. Welcome to my life, ”wrote the girl under the photo with a BMW X5 on Red Square.

The cost of the BMW X5 purchased for athletes, as Lenta.ru clarifies with reference to the executive director of the Olympians Support Fund Alexander Katushev, starts from 5.9 million rubles, and the BMW X3 costs from 4.42 million rubles.

At Drome for such a price, you can buy a 2019 BMW X5 and a fresh one, and a BMW X3 – 2021.

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