Selena Gomez fans resent her “performance”

Fans expected the singer to perform at the Lo Nuestro Awards, but they only showed her music video there.

Selena Gomez appeared at the Premio Lo Nuestro Latin Music Awards yesterday. However, not in the format that her fans expected.

Gomez fans watched the long ceremony in hopes of seeing their favorite singer perform. But instead, during the program, only footage was shown that fans have already seen in Selena’s recent video for the song Baila Conmigo, which she recorded with Rau Alejandro.

Frustrated that they hadn’t seen anything new, Gomez fans expressed frustration on social media.

“I thought Selena would perform on the show”, “They would have said right away that they would show the video. It’s not fair “,” I watched the ceremony for three hours to see Selena perform “,” You’re a liar, Gomez “,” I can’t believe it. I watched the whole show for the video you’ve already shown. Disappointed “,” There was no performance – there was a video! ” – Twitter users are outraged.

Gomez’s first Spanish-language album, Revelación, is due out on March 12th. At the beginning of the year, Selena announced that she wants to turn to her roots (the singer’s grandparents are Mexicans) and finally fulfill her old dream – to sing in Spanish. At the beginning of the month, Gomez released a video for the song De Una Vez, and later – a video for Baila Conmigo.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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