Sibir fan Alexander Kovalchuk entered the team’s coaching staff for the KHL match

From the couch to the coach’s bench! A Siberia fan entered the team’s headquarters for a KHL match

Dmitry Storozhev

Dmitry Storozhev

Sibir fan joined the team's coaching staff

The debut of Alexander Kovalchuk, however, was not the most successful. Even a throw-in goal did not help the Novosibirsk team to win.

Surely many hockey fans in one way or another imagined themselves as the head coach of their favorite team. Especially on the days when this team was losing. The most active do not hesitate to promote their coaching views on social networks and various Internet resources, knowing for sure that in the last match, instead of player A, it was necessary to release player B, and generally use a different tactic, because this is definitely not an option. Such people, who are not specialists, but who give out such advice, are usually called “sofa experts”.

It was with this name that at the end of July Siberia launched a competition that gave the winner the opportunity for one day to feel like a real hockey coach. “More than 313 people expressed a desire to test themselves in the theory of hockey. Of all the applications, 15 people were selected: at the first stage, the project jury assessed the creativity of the resume submission. But throughout the entire project, they received assignments exclusively on the theory of hockey. The contestants gave their reasoned predictions for the season for Siberia, their vision of the fives and answered questions related to the team’s test matches. 10 people made it to the semifinals, and in the final the five competed for the main prize and a commemorative cup, ”reads the news about the project on the official website of the Novosibirsk club.

The winner of the competition, the results of which were announced on August 28, became the 39-year-old Alexander Kovalchuk… In the application for participation, he rather ironically told about how he became an “expert”: “The craving for hockey began to manifest itself in infancy, when, through long sobs, he begged for a golf club. While playing on a frozen reservoir, I got so carried away by the attack that I found myself dangerously close to the attacker, as a result my eyebrow was broken. So, perhaps, my hockey career ended and my career as an expert and critic began. At a conscious age, I began to notice that I understand better than anyone else how to play, here I could directly determine the tactics for the game, not the fact that it would be a winning one, but I could determine!

With the advent of the Internet, many have learned that I am an “expert”, previously only my wife and a cat knew, now many have felt the possibilities of an analytical mindset. As a result, due to human envy, he was sent to the “bank” in many groups of social networks. Where many of my clones also went. In 2012, before the London Olympics, I read a book by Rudolf Zagainov, I no longer remember what was written there, but I am proud to say that I read a book on sports psychology.

This winter, I decided that it was time to go to a new level. I rented skates and a hockey stick and in almost five minutes I mastered all the subtleties of hockey, with one clarification: if I throw at an empty goal, standing still, and an opponent does not rush at me, who wants to send me on a long flight from a vertical to a horizontal position. Summary. I’m standing on skates, not skating, but standing (why should I skate, took the whistle and stop, let the players run). Education in sports psychology. Well, hockey is in my blood, or rather, because of hockey, blood began to flow. The details of the contract can be discussed with my agent, which I am also. Sincerely, Alexander”.

On September 12, the newly minted coach signed a contract for one day and received the right to be present on the bench in the first home game of Siberia this season. Andrey Martemyanov carried out with Severstal.

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The Novosibirsk team failed to please Alexander and other fans: the hosts were defeated with a score of 2: 4. Not even a goal helped Valentina Pyanova with a throw-in, which was the first for him after moving from Amur.

The rights to the video belong to KHL LLC. You can watch the video on the official website of the KHL.

By the way, for the 30-year-old striker, this is not the only puck thrown from the “point”. In the same style, in 2017, he hit the gates of Riga Dynamo, playing for Avangard.

As for Alexandra Kovalchuk, then today’s result hardly upset him much. The 39-year-old fan left the Sibir arena with indescribable emotions, and he will definitely remember this day for a long time.

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