Social Media Review: Eco-Consciousness and True Love: News: Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)

In a new review of social networks of clubs and KHL accounts, we will find out what true love looks like, what shock training consists of, and fight for eco-awareness in hockey.


Salavat Yulaev is a green team, whose fans have green hearts, and the republic is one of the greenest in Russia. The club has announced a season for caring for the environment: starting this year, separate waste collection will be organized at the Ufa-Arena, all light bulbs will be energy-efficient, the team will have a set of uniforms made of recycled plastic, and eco-paraphernalia can already be purchased in the company store.

Motivational portion

This week, one of the young tops of Ak Bars, Dmitry Voronkov, celebrated his 21st birthday. Do you think the club would have left the striker without creative congratulations on this day? We doubt it. A motivational postcard for Voronkov and everyone-everyone-everyone is already in a tick-tock.


The fans in the stands congratulated Dmitry, too.

What is love?

Love (translated from hockey) is when the new season begins. In Ufa they know one hundred percent.

The main thing is to really wait

It’s hard to convey the full range of feelings from the start of the season, but it seems that the Horse-Fire succeeded.

Friendship Victory

Little things make hockey what it is. Don’t believe me? Then just watch how Salavat Yulaev’s defender Grigory Panin does little favors for his fans.

@ panin_57

Honorable mission

Repeated world and European champion in rhythmic gymnastics Alexandra Soldatova for the first time in her life appeared in hockey and saw the crazy victory of Sochi over Vityaz. And also – she started a mighty siren at the opening ceremony of the Sochi match and it was impressive, see for yourself!

Professional training

Tik-tok is training and educational: concentration, coordination, balance, technique, strength – not just a set of words that go beautifully in a row, but a real list of qualities that you risk taking possession of by adding a balance board to your dry workout with a stick.



Not a week goes by in our review without dance challenges: this time the baton was taken over by Neftekhimik players Vlad Shutov and Ansel Galimov. Be warned: it turned out too professional.

Photo hunt

Well, who knew that in his free time from training and matches, the goalkeeper of the blue-and-white Georgy Kuznetsov would not mind taking a photo hunt (and quite successfully)? Scroll through the carousel and rate your photographic ability on a scale of one to ten Kuz.

On the chill

If your Saturday is not like this, then it’s time to think, “Why not?”


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