Stylish action movie Tuesday Morning has been announced for PS5. Sony turned off comments under the trailer

A trailer for the action movie Tuesday Morning has been published on the PlayStation YouTube channel.

The video, in the description of which there is the phrase “It’s time for a change”, has collected 6 thousand likes and 2.6 thousand dislikes. Comments are disabled.

Some have shared their impressions of what they saw on the Reddit forum.

“Looks like Hasan’s game,” refers to Blue Box Game Studios head Hasan Kahraman, who is best known for the unreleased Abandoned.

“It looks about as good as that Werewolf Apocalypse game. So not very good. “

“It looks like someone opened Unreal Engine 4, threw in some assets, and spun a test arena to test out a couple of recent animations. It’s terrible, and even if the graphics look bad … The gameplay looks even worse. “

There are those who liked the trailer, although they point out some flaws.

“I actually bought Life of Black Tiger on PS4, so I’m looking forward to Tuesday Morning.”

“Looks good. The sound effects need to be worked on, but I was interested. “

“She looks good, but something about the fight animation seems a little awkward. The game looks like an indie, and maybe some of these animations will get a little better before launch. “

Tuesday Morning will be available on the next generation PlayStation 5 console.

On Twitter Fears Ahead Studios has released last year’s Tuesday Morning teaser:

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