WhatsApp delights everyone who hates voices


Resource WABetaInfo discovered an innovation in the beta build of WhatsApp, which is now being tested. The messenger has learned to automatically transform received voice messages into text.

The user does not need to listen to a voice message in order to find out what it says, it is enough to allow the messenger to analyze the voice, after which such messages can be read. In many cases, this can be much more convenient – especially if there is no opportunity or desire to listen to “voice-overs”.


This innovation is only available in the iOS version of WhatsApp, and voice messages are recognized on Apple servers. Probably a different technology will be applied on Android.

It is possible that the developers of WhatsApp “cut off” this opportunity in “VKontakte”, where the transcription of voice messages appeared several months ago and is successfully used by haters of “golosukh”.

Obviously, after a short testing phase, this innovation will appear in release builds of WhatsApp on all supported platforms. When this will happen is unknown, but the test can be expected to last for several weeks.

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