18-year-old Emma Radukanu sensationally won the US Open – 2021 and earned $ 2.5 million, is she being molded into a new Sharapova?

A smile worth $ 2.5 million. Emmamania has swept the world and, it seems, a new Sharapova is being “molded” from the British woman

Sergey Emelyanov

Sergey Emelyanov

Radukanu sensationally won the US Open

After a breakthrough in the United States, Emma Radukanu is about to enter the top of the richest athletes in the world. She also has over a million followers on Instagram.

In New York, the final of the final of the season’s Grand Slam women’s singles tournament was played. The decisive match of the US Open turned out to be absolutely sensational in its signboard – before the start of the tournament, not a single tennis expert and amateur of this sport in the most daring predictions could have imagined that an 18-year-old British woman would contest the American Major title Emma Radukanu and 19 year old Canadian Leila Fernandez.

In the United States, Fernandez came in the rank of 73rd racket of the world ranking, while Radukanu was completely outside the top hundred (150th place). But in New York, the girls had a phenomenal two weeks, completely rewriting the chronicle of tennis records. On September 11, New York hosted the first Grand Slam final between tennis players under 20 with the US Open – 1999, where the 17-year-old Serena Williams beat 18-year-old Martin Hingis. In the decisive match of the current US Open, Emma won – 6: 4, 6: 3, thanks to which she became the first tennis player who managed to win the Grand Slam tournament, starting her way with singles qualification.

Incredible!  Emma Radukanu, 18, won the US Open finals against her peer
Incredible! 18-year-old Emma Radukanu won the US Open finals against her peer

It is not surprising that in the tennis world, Emma is already being compared with the famous Russian woman with might and main. Maria Sharapova… The Canadian and British have become the youngest Grand Slam finalists since 2004, when Sharapova won Wimbledon. The Russian woman was then 17. Now Radukanu has become the youngest winner of the Grand Slam tournament in the last 17 years. A notable feature is the fact that the famous sports agency IMG, which previously represented the interests of Sharapova, is engaged in her career. Moreover, there was information that the British woman was personally responsible Max Eisenbad, who, in fact, at one time was engaged in the promotion of Mary. In this regard, one can easily assume that Maria Sharapova will be “sculpted” from Radukanu, who for many years was the highest paid athlete in the world, primarily due to advertising and commercial contracts.

However, the best of all any promotion is the presence of a sports result. Emma is well aware of this from her own experience. Before the start of the main draw of the tournament, 17.3 thousand admirers of her talent were subscribed to the “Instagram” of the British tennis player. The very next day after the final, where, in addition to the coveted cup, she was also given a check for $ 2.5 million, the number of subscribers of the young British woman had already exceeded 1.2 million, and this growth continues every minute. In the past few hours alone, over 300 thousand people have subscribed to the British account. For comparison, on the Instagram of the Olympic champion Belinda Bencic only 386 thousand signed.

Three months ago, only her parents knew her, and now she is conquering the United States.  Who is Radukanu?
Three months ago, only her parents knew her, and now she is conquering the United States. Who is Radukanu?

Previously, a world-class icon was actively promoted from a Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaki. The Japanese woman was recognized by Forbes magazine as the highest paid athlete in 2019 with an income of $ 37 million and 2020 – $ 55.2 million. But recently, the four-time winner of the Grand Slam tournaments is going through hard times in her career. Before the start of Roland Garros, the Japanese woman went into open conflict with tennis journalists, refusing to hold traditional press conferences. Due to the refusal to communicate with journalists, Osaka withdrew from Roland Garros, and then from Wimbledon – as this situation further exacerbated her psychological problems. Then Naomi failed at home Olympics and unsuccessfully performed at the US Open, after which she took a break in her career.

Doesn't come off the covers.  The richest athlete in the world criticized for shooting in glossy magazines
Doesn’t come off the covers. The richest athlete in the world criticized for shooting in glossy magazines

Upon returning to the court, Osaka may well find itself in the shadow of Radukanu. There is even no doubt that soon the British woman will be flooded with sponsorship contracts and she will enter the top athletes in the world in terms of her earnings. At the time of his arrival in New York, Radukanu’s career income was $ 303,376. For the title at the Major, the winner earned $ 2,500,000. Thus, thanks to the victory in the USA, Emma increased her wealth more than eight times. Here is such a gorgeous smile for $ 2.5 million! Now the main thing for the young Englishwoman is not to drown in the stream of attention that will surround her person.

Most of all, the victory of the British woman at the US Open should please the owners of the glamorous Vogue magazine. It was for the cover of this publication that Radukanu took part in a photo shoot even before her departure for the American series of tournaments. The issue with the English tennis player will be published in October, and one can imagine how the owners of the magazine are now rubbing their hands, calculating the forthcoming profit from its circulation.

As for Emma’s tennis prospects, now she is waiting for a completely new stage in her career, when she will have to play without the feeling of absolute freedom that she had at the US Open. And since she is British, the expectations of her will be a little unhealthy. Even before she took the US Open, local media began to count how much she could earn, win, and so on in her career. One expert even stated that there is no reason why she cannot become as famous as Rihanna.

We fell in love with America!  Emotions of the young US Open finalists who followed Sharapova's path
We fell in love with America! Emotions of the young US Open finalists who followed Sharapova’s path

In the meantime, we can state that Radukanu became the first British woman in 44 years to celebrate success at TBSH. In 1977 Virginia Wade won the title at Wimbledon. Since then, British tennis players have no longer made it to the Major Finals. In the 21st century, the most famous British tennis players were Laura Robson and Johanna Konta, and the British media tried to promote each of them to the status of a world star, but Robson’s career did not work out due to health problems, and Conta cannot yet meet their expectations.

Now, in the sky of world tennis, the star of Radukanu has lit up, and her country has been embraced by the real Emmamania. Emma’s victory became a national treasure event. Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge immediately congratulated the British woman on her victory at the US Open.

I would like to believe that Radukanu will be able to cope with the excitement around her person, and then she will become a world star for many years.

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