21st match between Jokerit and Lokomotiv in two years. September 14 Preview: News: Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)

September 14 is a big day in the KHL. It will start with a meeting in Vladivostok, where the Admiral will try to win their first victory of the season. Of the rest of the matches, the confrontation between Jokerit and Lokomotiv stands out, which have already played 20 head-to-head matches over the past two years.

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Admiral will play their first home match. The Vladivostok team started unsuccessfully in the regular season, together with Amur they were the only ones who have not yet learned the taste of victories. During the away series, the wards Alexander Andrievsky managed to catch three points, drawing the main time of meetings with Avangard (3: 4 B), Severstal (2: 3 OT) and Metallurg (3: 4 OT).

Dynamo started in a completely different way: 100% of won matches, leadership in the Western Conference, the best indicator for goals conceded (5), victories over opponents of all levels, including, for example, Avangard (5: 2) and Amur (6 : 2). From Khabarovsk, the away series of blue and white began.

Team leaders in the last five KHL games

The leader of the sniper race and one of the best scorers in the KHL Vadim Shipachev, with a 4-game streak, today can score 750 points in the league (now – 749). Dynamo’s attack conductor continues his pursuit of Sergey Mozyakin in assists (508 for Shipachev versus 509 for Mozyakin). A similar streak in four games has Dmitry Rashevsky, Alexander Petunin scores points for three matches in a row. Admiral’s 100th KHL game can be played by a defender today Leonid Metalnikov.

Admiral (Vladivostok)


Abandoned washers 3

Face-to-face victories

Dynamo M (Moscow)

Dynamo M

eight Abandoned washers


1 – 4

Dynamo M


4 – 2

Dynamo M

More details

Head-to-head statistics are on the side of the blue and white. “Admiral” has never won the capital’s team on its ice.

“Jokerit” harnessed for a long time at the start of the season, losing to “Ak Bars” (0: 3) and “Neftekhimik” (2: 4), and then issued a 3-match winning streak. In the last game, the Jokers beat the current Gagarin Cup winner Avangard away (3: 2). Main coach Lauri Maryamaki noted the significant progress of his team when playing in the 5v5 format. Lokomotiv, having started an away streak in Riga, interrupted a series of defeats from three games, beating Dynamo dry (4: 0). The “railroad workers” are not playing at full capacity yet Maxim Shalunov (3 points in 5 games), the integration of the Yaroslavl players into the game continues Reed Boucher.

Team leaders in the last five KHL games

Great start at Jokerit Kalle Cossila, who for the first time in his career was recognized as the best striker of the week in the KHL.

For four matches in a row, the Jokers gain points Iiro Pakarinen and Markus Hännikäinen, a series of three games has Turunen theme. As part of Lokomotiv, he does not leave the ice without glasses for three meetings Reed Boucher, a goalkeeper’s dry streak Edward Pasquale is 98:46.

Jokerit (Helsinki)


Abandoned washers 84

Face-to-face victories

Lokomotiv (Yaroslavl)


78 Abandoned washers

The teams know each other thoroughly: over the past two years, Jokerit and Lokomotiv have met 20 times already. Moreover, the “jokers” and “railroad workers” will play again in a week in Yaroslavl. In two seasons in a row, the teams played each other in the playoffs. The season before last, Jokerit was stronger 4-2, and a year later Lokomotiv took revenge – 4-0.

Vityaz is approaching the game with Traktor with a streak of four defeats. However, talking about the crisis in the team Yuri Babenko it is impossible: in all meetings the Podolsk team took one point, losing outside of regular time. After meeting with the wounded and therefore dangerous Ak Bars (1: 2 OT), the Moscow Region hockey players lost to Avtomobilist 3: 4 in a series of shots. While “Vityaz” suffers in many respects due to unjustified deletions: if you improve discipline, Podol residents will be able to aim at more serious results than just cling to points. “Traktor” will play the penultimate match of the long away series. Earlier, the Chelyabinsk team lost to Jokerit (4: 5 OT), and then beat Dynamo Riga (6: 1) and Severstal (2: 1 B).

Team leaders in the last five KHL games

The main weapon of the Vityaz is Miro Aaltonen, topping the lists of top scorers and assistants in the KHL with 2 + 8. He left not far from him Niko Oyamyaki, having a personal streak of four matches – 5 + 2. From the side of “Traktor” will have a serious competition Nikita Tertyshny – he also does not leave the ice without scored points for four meetings in a row.

Vityaz (Moscow region)


Abandoned washers 65

Face-to-face victories

Tractor (Chelyabinsk)


65 Abandoned washers

Vityaz lost the last home match against Traktor 1: 3.

Somewhat unexpectedly, Spartak burst into the leading group from the start of the season. Boris Mironov with a fresh look, he achieved four victories in five meetings. And the defeat to Salavat Yulaev (1: 2) did not psychologically cripple the red-whites, who then left no chances for Barys in Nur-Sultan (4: 1). Very good Alexey Krasikov, outperforming Oscar Danska. For the Russian goalkeeper to continue his career successfully, it is now very important not to give a single gram of doubts about his level. So far, he is doing it in full, entering the top 5 of the league in terms of the percentage of reflected shots – 94.1.

Now it is necessary to transfer the victorious spirit to the home streak, where very serious rivals await Spartak. The first of them is SKA. Petersburg army team confidently entered the new season with three victories, the 16-year-old flashed Matvey Michkov, becoming the second youngest double scorer in KHL history and taking the Rookie of the Week award. After that, the wards Valeria Bragina as if they had wasted their concentration a little and lost to Avtomobilist (2: 4) and Torpedo (2: 3). Today’s match is an excellent test for both.

Team leaders in the last five KHL games

As part of “Spartak” a 5-match scoring streak Emil Pettersson – 4 + 1, three games in a row, points are scored by the most experienced Yori Lehtera. Defender SKA Vasily Tokranov today can record the 100th transfer in the KHL matches.

Spartak Moscow)


Abandoned washers 100

Face-to-face victories

SKA (St. Petersburg)


162 Abandoned washers

“Spartak” lost their last three home matches to the army team with a total score of 0: 8.

Teams that are not doing well yet will meet in Sochi. The hosts have a streak of three defeats in a row. If the failures in the match with CSKA (1: 4) and Torpedo (1: 2) can be explained by the level of rivals, the last game with Kunlun was the most alarming call for the “leopards”, which allowed the Beijing team to win back from 0: 2 and win in series of throws.

Ak Bars is in crisis. Nobody expected four defeats in the last five matches from Kazan. Dmitry Kvartalnov recognizes that in order to get out of this situation, everyone in the Kazan team needs to think. It seemed that a victory in the game with Vityaz (2: 1 OT) could bring Ak Bars back to life, but everything was canceled out by the defeat of Dynamo Minsk (2: 5), which showed the seriousness of the problems. Kazan urgently needs to turn a bad page, the match in Sochi is a good opportunity to start from scratch.

Team leaders in the last five KHL games

Forward guests Dmitry Kagarlitsky scores points in four matches in a row – 3 + 1. Artyom Lukoyanov today can play the 600th match in the KHL.

HC Sochi (Sochi)

HC Sochi

Abandoned washers 27

Face-to-face victories

Ak Bars (Kazan)

AK Bars

35 Abandoned washers

Last season, Ak Bars won both games against the southerners, and Dmitry Kvartalnov’s wards took away the victory from Sochi 4: 0.

CSKA is approaching today’s game in excellent condition. Wards Sergey Fedorov won the last four matches, in the last game the army team turned out to be stronger than Lokomotiv 3: 1. Goalkeeper looks great Ivan Fedotov with three wins in three games – he has the best reliability coefficient in the KHL (0.98).

Barys went to their first away streak of the season, having only one win in four games. The last match Astana residents lost to another capital team “Spartak” (1: 4).

Team leaders in the last five KHL games

As part of the Kazakh team, he has an effective streak of three matches. Nikita Mikhailis – 0 + 3.

CSKA (Moscow)


Abandoned washers 86

Face-to-face victories

Barys (Nur-Sultan)


59 Abandoned washers

Last season CSKA and Barys also met in the opening segment of the championship in Moscow, then the army team won 3: 1.

Dynamo Riga has a difficult situation. Team Sergey Zubov fought in games with the giants (defeats to Lokomotiv and CSKA with a minimum score of 2: 3), turned out to be stronger than Kunlun 6: 5, but in the last two meetings he felt hopeless. Rigans lost to Traktor and Lokomotiv with a total score of 1:10. With such results, jumping into the eight is an unrealistic task.

“Torpedo” arrived in the capital of Latvia with two victories in a row. First, Nizhny Novgorod beat Sochi (2: 1), and the last match was marked not only by a victory over SKA (3: 2), but also by the emergence of one of the most inspiring stories of this summer. Alexey Murygin, defeated cancer and returned to big hockey. The goalkeeper played a short period and saved 10 shots.

Team leaders in the last five KHL games

Nizhny Novgorod player Ziyat Paygin ranks among the top best defensive snipers with two goals scored. The hosts today can issue the 150th transfer to the KHL Martins Karsums.

Dynamo (Riga)


Abandoned washers 85

Face-to-face victories

Torpedo (Nizhny Novgorod)


105 Abandoned washers

The match in the capital of Latvia between these rivals last season was crowned with an effective victory for Torpedo 6: 4.

In relation to “Kunlun” on the eve of the season, expectations were low, but so far the wards Ivano Zanatta cling to glasses and do not look like hopeless outsiders. In the last match, the Peking team won over Sochi (3: 2 B), losing by two goals during the meeting.

After two defeats at the start of the season, it seemed that Avtomobilist was on the edge of an abyss, and Bill Peters – one of the first candidates for resignation. However, the Urals went to the exit, where they straightened out the situation, beating SKA (4: 2), Minsk “Dynamo” (2: 1) and “Vityaz” (4: 3 B). Of course, Avtomobilist still lacks solidity in the game, but a positive trend has been set – now the main thing is not to go astray.

Team leaders in the last five KHL games

Forward hosts Brandon Yip scores points four matches in a row – 4 + 2. Have Tyler Vaughn and Greg Squires scoring series of three games. A similar series in the “Avtomobilist” Stefan Da Costa, which together with Patrice Cormier did not play in the last match. However, Peters assured that against Kunlun, these attackers should go on the ice.

Kunlun Red Star (Beijing)

Kunlun Red Star

Abandoned washers 23

Face-to-face victories

Motorist (Yekaterinburg)


40 Abandoned washers

The statistics of head-to-head meetings are in favor of Avtomobilist, who beat the Peking team in the last six matches in a row.

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