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On the night of September 14, 44.6 thousand bitcoins were transferred from an unknown address

On the night of September 14, a transaction worth more than $ 2 billion and a commission of $ 0.78 took place on the bitcoin network. The transfer of 44.6 thousand bitcoins was carried out from one unknown address to another unknown address. According to the BitInfoCharts service, on September 14, the average commission for a transfer in the bitcoin network is 0.000057 BTC ($ 2.6).

The size of commissions in the bitcoin network depends on the workload of the blockchain. The fewer the number of transactions required for execution, the cheaper it is to conduct them.

In early September, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trading volume, withdrew internal tokens of the Binance Coin trading platform with a total value of $ 100 million in one transaction. 200 thousand BNB tokens were transferred to an unknown address, the transfer fee was $ 0.038.

In July, 600 thousand Ethereum ($ 1.28 billion at the exchange rate at the time of the transaction) was transferred from the Binance exchange to an unknown wallet. The commission that was paid for the transfer was $ 0.61.

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