“A loud minority is unhappy with a black girl”

God of War writer Ragnarok continues to respond to players’ claims. He believes that only a loud minority are dissatisfied with a black girl and recommends that those who are dissatisfied take self-examination.

We already wrote that the writer of God of War Ragnarok Matt Sophos recommended that the dissatisfied find another game. Matt continues to tweet things that raise questions from the community. In a long post, he once again walked through the disaffected.

Some quotes from the God of War Ragnarok screenwriter:

  • “Angrboda in our game is a young black woman. Overwhelming, overwhelming [т.е. «глобальное»] most gamers love it and think it looks incredible – and it really is. However, a tiny, loud part of the internet has been outraged. [этой версией Ангрбоды]”.

The answer to the claim “You [разработчики] caved in [и сделали персонажа таким]”:

  • “I can count on two fingers the number of God of War Plot Change Notes we received [2018] and God of War Ragnarok, and this [внешность девушки] not the case. I am grateful for the trust that we have had and I am telling the best story possible without interference. [давления]”.

The answer to the claim “You [разработчики] made a political game “:

  • “Your [обращается к читателям] the job as a writer is to communicate compelling and accessible [понятные] stories. You bring parts of yourself to stories, they [становятся проводником] your views. So writing is * always * political [связано с ней неразрывно] – it’s just that they usually call him that only when with politics [взглядами] do not agree”.

Matt also went through those who consider this interpretation of the character “Not appropriate to the Scandinavian [Norse] mythology / not respecting culture ”.

  • Let I start with this: God of War is our interpretation of mythology, not history – Norse or Greek. We tell our story against the backdrop of gods, giants, etc. and we have our own opinion on this one ”.
  • “We have consistently used mythological characters and [изменяли их в соответствии с нашим видением]… So if Angrboda’s skin color is that [место]where do you draw the line in how respectful we have been [в отношении мифологии/культуры]then probably [вам] worth introspection. “

God of War Ragnarok will be available on PS4 and PS5.

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