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For the next quarter, Intel is slated to release the LGA1700 desktop platform and 12th Gen Core processors. Foreign retailers, in particular the American online store Provantage, no longer hesitate to indicate the cost of the CPU Alder Lake-S. It should be emphasized that this store usually sets prices close to the official Intel price list.

Intel Alder Lake-S
Intel Alder Lake-S Engineering Samples

The published list indicates the cost of the Core i9-12900K, Core i7-12700K and Core i5-12600K processors, as well as their options with a deactivated video core and the “F” suffix. Models without integrated graphics will cost $ 26-27 less than the full-fledged versions.

If we compare these prices with the recommended cost of 11th generation Core chips (Rocket Lake-S), then Alder Lake-S processors will, on average, be 10-15% more expensive than their predecessors. For example, the flagship Core i9-12900K will cost $ 605, while the current Core i9-11900K chipmaker estimates it at $ 539.

Intel Alder Lake-S

On the AMD side, the closest rival to the Core i9-12900K will be the 12-core Ryzen 9 5900X with a MSRP of $ 549. Note that although the “blue” counterpart offers more cores (16 pieces), they are based on different architectures: eight Golden Cove and eight Gracemont cores. It will be possible to compare the speed of these CPUs only in November, when the 12th generation Intel Core chips and motherboards will go on sale.

Intel Z690
Intel Z690 chipset – the basis of the first LGA1700 motherboards

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