AMD will focus on server and mobile solutions – desktops and graphics cards are not a priority

Recent years have been financially successful for AMD. The company has shown economic growth in the consumer and server segments quarter by quarter. In the case of the latter, AMD has already won over 10% of the market from Intel. To enhance the effect, AMD plans to focus specifically on server and mobile solutions.

Image source: HardwareTimes

Image source: HardwareTimes

Speaking at the Deutsche Bank Economic Summit, AMD CFO Devinder Kumar outlined the company’s goals: “Our top priority is to maintain a share of the distributed revenue, so there will be a consistent product strategy – first server and mobile solutions, and then desktop high-performance solutions.”

Thus, AMD will pay less attention to the desktop PC market, which fully applies to both processors and video cards. Unfortunately, the market will not see eight-core Ryzen below $ 200 in the near future. Nor will he see more affordable prices for Radeon RX 6000 graphics cards.

The company’s focus on the server and mobile segments is understandable. Recent years have shown an increased market demand for new server capacities, as well as for portable computers and laptops due to the increased role of remote work amid the protracted coronavirus pandemic. AMD is trying not to miss this wave and firmly gain a foothold outside the desktop segment.

As for Intel, with the release of a new series of Alder Lake-S processors and in the absence of pressure from AMD, the company could regain some of its positions in the market for high-performance desktop solutions.

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