Assist by Eldor Shomurodov vs. Sassuolo, 1000th match of Mourinho, what Mourinho says about Shomurodov – September 12, 2021

Eldor Shomurodov made a sharp leap in his career. A year ago, the Uzbek forward played for Rostov, and now he is playing with the Italian grand jersey under the leadership of Jose Mourinho.

In the summer, Roma bought out Shomurodov’s contract from Genoa for 17.5 million euros, and Rostov received 15% of the amount. On the last day of the transfer window, the Roman club took on another striker – dumping Chelsea 40 million for Tammy Abraham. While this hits Shomurodov’s chances for a place at the base, Mourinho prefers to release an English striker, but Eldor still manages to be useful even with a shortage of playing time.

“There will be many matches, everyone will have a chance to prove themselves,” says Shomurodov. “At first it was not very easy to accept Abraham’s appearance, but now everything is in order. I continue to work and can play with him at the same time. We haven’t played together yet, but Mourinho knows that I can play on the flank. I think he will try to use us together. “

So far, the striker has only 50 minutes in three rounds of Serie A, but during this time he managed to issue two assists. The second gave in the match with Sassuolo to Stefan El-Shaaravi in ​​the 91st minute, which helped his team to win 2: 1.

The match turned out to be historic for Jose Mourinho – this is his 1000th match in his professional career as a head coach. An excellent gift from Shomurodov.

“There is no pressure when working with him: the first meeting was exciting, but now we are both a teacher and a student,” says Eldor of his new coach. – He is an excellent psychologist, it is interesting to be with him. The training is very exciting. “

“It’s not easy to leave someone on the bench, but Shomurodov is able to play on the left or act in conjunction with Abraham,” Mourinho praises the Uzbek striker. – Shomu is very dangerous in open spaces, Tammy is more of a “pillar”.

So far Shomurodov has scored one goal for Roma – against Trabzonspor in qualifying for the League of Conferences. There is no doubt that Eldor has a difficult but wildly exciting season ahead.

Other ex-RPL players in Serie A are far from being so bright. Oleksiy Miranchuk has 0 effective actions in 100 minutes in the new season with Atalanta, and Aleksandr Kokorin has not yet appeared on the field in Fiorentina’s jersey. It’s time to catch up with Shomurodov!

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