“At this pace, soon Diveev will say, they say, I’m 25, that’s it!”

Former Spartak midfielder Maxim Kalinichenko shared his opinion about the limit on foreign players in the Tinkoff RPL, the departure of Viktor Kashshai from the post of head of the RFU refereeing department and the end of the performances for the Russian national team of Mario Fernandez.

– It’s not just the limit on legionnaires. And the point is in other things. You need to raise your own not only players, but also coaches, doctors, rehabilitation therapists. You need to dig deep, but the fact that there is a limit on legionnaires … Whatever you do it, even with the complete cancellation of the limit, you can bring slag, or you can sign quality footballers at the limit.

– Who do you go to see at the head of the judiciary in Russia after the departure of Kashshai?

– Do you need a young man? We vote for Vladimir Bystrov.

– Mario Fernandez decided to stop playing for the national team …

– It seems that the problem is in a sore knee, so it’s hard to recover here. At this rate, Diveev will soon say, they say, I’m 25, that’s it! Perhaps CSKA teaches that you need to focus only on the club, – said Kalinichenko on the air of the program “After Football with Georgy Cherdantsev” on Match TV.

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In the Russian national team, CSKA footballer Mario Fernandez, who will turn 31 on September 19, played 33 matches and scored 5 goals. Together with the team, he reached the quarterfinals of the 2018 home world championship.

The head of the RFU refereeing department, Viktor Kashshai, resigned due to organizational changes in the RFU.

Since the 2020/21 season, the Tinkoff RPL has an 8 + 17 limit: there are a maximum of 8 legionnaires in the application for the season, and there are no restrictions on the field.

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