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from Cryptocurrency Yesterday, the market was surprised when prices suddenly skyrocketed. Bitcoin (BTC) I rallied just as strongly, but above all Litecoin (LTC) It took the lead and rallied at least 34% in fifteen minutes. However, this has something to do with fake news, and Reuters reported that Walmart LTC accepted payments, but it was all untrue.

Then prices fell again just as hard and even dropped below the level before the news. Fortunately, most cryptocurrencies have recovered very quickly and many prices are slightly higher now. The total market capitalization briefly jumped from $ 2.10 trillion to $ 2.24 trillion and then returned to $ 2.06 trillion. Its price reached $ 2.16 trillion this morning.

Despite the rise in prices, such incidents again make the market more suspicious. People are afraid of market manipulation and this can make them more conservative. Maybe it was MicroStrategy Advertising that brought the balance.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC) Yesterday, before the news came out, he was paying $ 45,000. Bitcoin then surged from $ 44,700 to $ 47,400, down 6% in less than 15 minutes. However, the price fell again with the same difficulty. Bitcoin briefly dropped below $ 44,000 to $ 43,600, but then began to slowly recover.

By midnight, Bitcoin had broken through $ 45,000 but stayed there for the rest of the night. As of this writing, Bitcoin is on the rise again, but it looks like $ 46,000 may still offer some resistance at the moment. While intrachain data looks optimistic, Bitcoin may remain in this range for a longer time.


Ethereum (ETH) Yesterday he took a similar step. Ether price rose from $ 3,250 to $ 3,450 and immediately returned to $ 3,150. From there, however, Ether began to slowly rally again, breaking through $ 3300 in the middle of the night and hitting $ 3330 this morning.

Cardano (ADA) has hesitated for a while too. The ADA price was launched from $ 2.40 to $ 2.56 and back to $ 2.34. After that, ADA initially recovered faster than the aforementioned cryptocurrency, returning to $ 2.45 at midnight. Since then, however, the ADA has slowly declined to $ 2.40.

Solana (SOL) price briefly peaked at $ 170 yesterday, then dropped to $ 150 and then crossed the peak to $ 173. Since then, the SOL value has also dropped slightly to $ 166, but the price is up 8% from 24 hours ago. Polkadot (DOT) shares also rose 8%. The DOT has started to rally in the past few hours, reaching $ 36.6.

With the exception of a few cryptocurrencies, the market remains fairly calm today, which is a sign of a consolidation phase. However, there are several deviations. Tezos (XTZ), osmosis (OSMO) and telcoin (TEL) are up about 12%, while icon (ICX), cosmos (ATOM) are up 16%, synthetix (SNX) are up 22%, and safemoon ( SAFEMOON) grew by even 25%.

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