Dreyer is the best debut in RPL history. He was found in a Danish youth team, and Slutsky saw him back in Holland


The best transfer this summer.

In the match of the 7th round of the Russian Championship on the home turf of the Central Stadium, “Rubin” defeated “Ural” – 4: 0. The result was made by a beginner Anders Dreyerwho scored a hat-trick. The Dane has only been in Kazan for a week, and has already become the team’s top scorer of the season.

The breeders of “Rubin” spotted Anders in the youth team of Denmark, with which he broke the Russian youth team at Euro 2021, but he met with Leonid Slutsky and Oleg Yarovinsky even during the work of this tandem in “Vitesse”.

Anders Dreyer / photo: Rubin Press Service


Dreyer became the first footballer in the history of the Russian Premier League to score a hat-trick in his first game. And he scored with the first touch! In the 2nd minute, he closed the pass from the flank with his heel. Khvichi Kvaratskhelia… The beauty! Already for this moment, Andres’s debut could be considered successful. But he didn’t stop there.

10 minutes before the end of regular time, Rubin’s newcomer showed that he still has a lot of strength. He won a tough fight with the central defender and, entering the penalty area, shot into the near corner. In general, from such a position, a shot to the far corner was much more expected, but Anders played outside the box. He completely created this episode for himself – fought off, removed on the backswing and perfectly invested in the blow. Thus, he repeated the achievement of the Brazilian Carlos Eduardo, who scored a double in his debut match for Rubin. But even this was not enough for him.

Oliver Abildgaard (left) and Anders Dreyer / photo: Rubin Press Office

Already in stoppage time, the Dane again delighted the fans. As in the moment with the first goal, he found a free zone in the penalty area between the central defenders and the defenders, breaking through on the touch. This time the assist has already been given Sotmurad Bakaev, which replaced Kvaratskhelia.

“I’m happy. It was a good game. We had good control in the first half. In the second half, in the first 15 – 20 minutes, they had several chances, they were close to a goal. But then we scored two more and won. We played clean at home and won, so I’m happy. I still have a lot to learn and practice in defense and pressing. In attack, we have freedom, we can make decisions that we think are necessary, I like that, ”Dreyer said after the game.

In his debut match, Dreyer looked very relaxed. He did not cling to his position, but on the contrary very often joined the attacks in the center, in the place “under the attacker”. Maybe at times he dropped out of the game, but who will remember that now? Anders made the best debut in league history. After the game, Slutsky, speaking about Dreyer’s game, noted that in his memory the players of the teams he coached did not score three goals in their first games for the team. In “Halle” and “Vitesse” this was definitely not the case, we checked.

An interesting detail: the previous hat-trick in Rubin’s line-up was also decorated with the goal of Ural. This happened in September 2013, when the Kazan team was playing away. Distinguished himself WITHaLomon Rondon, and the game ended with a score of 3: 0.

Photo: Rubin press service


Anders ended up in the Kazan club at the very end of the transfer window. Rubin took him away from the Danish Midtjullan, where Dreyer showed with his statistics that he had outgrown the level of the local championship – this season in just 6 matches he has already made 8 effective actions (3 goals and 5 assists). Kazan did not spare about 6 million euros for the player. By the way, the Danes have prescribed a small percentage in the transfer agreement for future resale.

“Rubin” Dreyer needed as a replacement for Kvaratskhelia. Kazan hoped to the last that Khvicha would go to one of the European clubs, which showed great interest, but the matter never came to a real offer. As a result, the citizens of Kazan took Dreyer and left Kvara. Sports director of Rubin told about this in an interview with BUSINESS Online. Oleg Yarovinsky.

“At the end of the window there were interesting options for Khvich, but the European club in the end did not take the step that we thought it would take. Dreyer was acquired. This eventually led to the need for Yevtich and Saito to leave, ”said Yarovinsky.

Photo: Rubin press service

It would be more correct to say that Dreyer became a replacement for Rubin Denis Makarov, since for both players the profile position is on the right. Kazan has already strengthened the left flank, signing at the start of the offseason Seada Khakshabanovich, which was initially perceived as an alternative to the Georgian. In the person of Dreyer, it was Denis’s replacement who was to arrive.

Of course, they did not expect such a performance from the not the most expensive football player already in the first match. Yarovinsky, for example, argued that the Dane will take time to swing and adapt. Well, Anders exceeded expectations.


Dreyer’s selection “Rubin” spotted in the youth team of Denmark, which met with the Russian team in the spring of this year at the Euro among players under 21 years old. Then Andres became the author of the winning goal against the French national team, and nailed the Russian team with Makarov with the third in a row in the meeting, which ended with a score of 3: 0 and finally deprived her of her chances to reach the next round.

Photo: Gonzales Photo / Gaston Szerman / Global Look Press

But Dreyer and Slutsky crossed paths before. Before returning to the Danish championship, Anders managed to play in the Dutch championship for Heerenveen. There he found Slutsky’s last match as the head coach of Vitesse and even helped his team lose. The decisive goal in the game, which ended with a score of 3: 2, was scored just from Dreyer’s assist. After this match, Slutsky left Holland, replacing it with Kazan. But, according to Yarovinsky, that period of the Dane’s career was long ago and he was bought by Rubin after a successful performance for the youth team two years later.

“Dreyer played very well for the Danish youth team. We always pay a lot of attention to watching the games of the leading European youth teams. We watched Anders throughout the year. His game in Holland? It was too long ago, he was still very young. Honestly, I don’t remember him in the Dutch championship. We watched more of his performances in the past and the year before last, “- said the sports director of Rubin.


The victory with a score of 4: 0 was a consequence of Dreyer’s gorgeous debut and no less striking in its degree of failure, the first exit of the Ural central defender Artem Mamina… The 24-year-old defensive player is primarily remembered as the author of his own goal in the 13th minute – this moment greatly influenced the game, which for Rubin was practically completed in less than a third of the first half.

But in Mamin’s game there was another extremely unpleasant moment: it was from him that Dreyer took the ball before his second goal. The 187-centimeter defender lost the fight to the Dane, who is 13 centimeters lower.

Photo: Rubin press service

And Dreyer’s third goal at the end of the game was only partially, but also became Mamin’s problem. The center-back left the hosts’ forward in front of him Herman Onughu and did not read the program from Bakaev. Caught behind Artyom, Dreyer finally finished off the Ural.

For the Urals, this defeat is just another in a series of unsuccessful results at the start of the season. Even a change of coach is a layoff Yuri Matveev and appointment Igor Shalimov changed nothing. In seven matches of the current championship, the team has only two draws and two goals scored with five defeats and 13 goals conceded. For Rubin, a victory over such an opponent was obligatory and allowed them to rise to 4th place. The real test of Slutsky’s team awaits in a week in the home game against Zenit.

And there are prerequisites for a good result: those who were recently injured returned to the squad and managed to get in shape. Djordje Despotovich and Kvaratskhelia. But, there is also a negative – the game with Ural could not continue Ilya Samoshnikov, who was then taken away from the stadium by ambulance. The return of the leaders, coupled with the emergence of a new star, promises an extremely interesting next match.

Rubin (Kazan) – Ural (Yekaterinburg) – 4: 0 (2: 0)
September 13. Central Stadium. 6077 viewers
1: 0 – Dreyer, 2
2: 0 – Mamin, 13 (own goal)
3: 0 – Dreyer, 80
4: 0 – Dreyer, 90
Ruby: Dupin, Zotov (Surikov, 83), Talbi, Uremovich, Samoshnikov (Nizhegorodov, 79), Abildgor, Khvan, Khakshabanovich, Kvaratskhelia (Bakaev, 63), Despotovich (Onugha, 63), Dreyer.
Ural: Pomazun, Mamin, Kuzmichev, Adamov, Kolesnichenko (Goglichidze, 70), Mishkich (Gagnilze, 78), Jovichich (Ageev, 78), Kulakov, Egorychev (Podberezkin, 78), Gadzhimuradov (Ibrahimai, 78), Bikfalvi.
Warnings: Khvan (19), Gadzhimuradov (36), Khakshabanovich (52), Abildgor (56), Onugha (86).


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