Epic Games paid Apple $ 6 million by court order | news

Epic Games complied with the court order and transferred $ 6 million to Apple for violating the rules of using the App Store. This was announced by the CEO of the company Tim Sweeney on Twitter, and also joked that the money was transferred through the Apple Pay system.

On September 10, a California federal court upheld Epic Games’ claim against Apple. Tim Cook’s company was not recognized as a monopoly, but was ordered to allow developers to use third-party systems to pay for purchases in applications hosted in the App Store.

Epic Games later filed an appeal requesting a reconsideration of the decision. According to Tim Sweeney, the company wants to achieve so that developers can embed payment systems in their applications in the App Store, and not just redirect users to third-party resources.

In August 2020, Fortnite, developed by Epic Games, was removed from Google Play and the App Store. This decision was made by the platform holders after the studio added the ability to make in-game purchases to the “battle royale” bypassing the payment systems of stores. Shortly thereafter, Epic Games filed lawsuits against Google and Apple in the courts of several countries, and also complained about the company to the antitrust authorities.

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