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Apple has released an emergency update due to the detection of the first case of the so-called exploit (malware) “with zero click”, writes the Daily Mail. The company has created an emergency software patch (a piece of code to fix problems in the software or change its functionality – approx. “”) to fix a security vulnerability.

According to experts, the exploit was developed by one of the world’s most famous hacking firms, NSO Group. A similar product was used in a spyware attack on Al Jazeera journalists in July 2020. Malware allows criminals to directly infect iPhones and other Apple devices without any user action. The problem has affected all Apple operating systems. It affects devices based on Apple iOS, macOS, and WatchOS.

The vulnerability was discovered on September 7 by Citizen Lab specialists at the University of Toronto. They immediately notified the gadget manufacturer of this. According to experts, the program does not threaten the average iPhone, iPad and Mac users, as it is targeted.

Earlier, problems in gadgets were reported in March 2021. We are talking about the vulnerability CVE-2021-1782, which is a weak point in the iOS kernel. A system flaw cannot be used to hack a smartphone remotely, but its presence opens up the possibility of installing a jailbreak (breaking the firmware – approx. “”).

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