How Irina Viner’s career began

Irina Viner gave an interview. The renowned coach touched upon topics of both work and personal life.

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Irina Viner first came to Moscow when she was 14 years old. She arrived at the rhythmic gymnastics competition. Irina stayed not at a hotel, but with relatives who lived in the House on the Embankment. Seeing the beauty of the city, Wiener was conquered.

However, she finally moved to the capital only in 1992. Then the USSR collapsed, and Irina Viner, at that time already a coach, realized that rhythmic gymnastics in Asia was not at the highest level compared to Europe, and therefore decided to settle in Moscow.

Wiener did not have time to get used to the new city. Her schedule was scheduled by the minute: she spent almost all of her time in the gym, coaching the girls with whom she came to the capital: Alina Kabaeva, Amina Zaripova and Yana Batyrshina. But she still tried to devote her free time to her personal life.

“Leisure was devoted to romance – then I met with Alisher, my future spouse, and we went to the Bolshoi Theater, to some exhibitions, sat in a cafe … at seven in the morning I already left for the gym. That was the rhythm “, – said Irina Viner “Evening Moscow”

Much time has passed since then. Pupil Viner Amina Zaripova followed in her footsteps, becoming a coach in rhythmic gymnastics. In addition, the former athlete married a famous artist, lead singer of the “Accident” group Alexei Kortnev.

But very little is known about Alina Kabaeva. After completing her professional career, the athlete took up social work. She leads a closed lifestyle: she does not appear in the light, does not give interviews, does not appear on television.

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