How Ryan Reynolds became a Hollywood protagonist

Why the biggest studios aren’t afraid to bet on the cheeky Deadpool.

In our time, when any slander can forever destroy a career, and reputation becomes the highest value, there are still stars that you can not doubt. And the most striking (and at the same time paradoxical) example is Ryan Reynolds. Yes, the actor is known for his sarcastic sense of humor and all sorts of antics, but at the same time the largest studios are not afraid to bet on him, which is why the star has been at the top of the list of the highest paid movie stars for several years now. We figure out why.

There is no doubt about Ryan Reynolds’ talent. The man, who at the start of his career was considered the “king of youth comedies” and “handsome from rom-com”, now does not crawl out of the big-budget action films. And if the “Green Lantern” ($ 219 million with a budget of $ 200 million) in the early 2010s undermined the actor’s reputation, then after the release of “Deadpool” Reynolds became a star snapped up. And his own initiative played a significant role in the sensational success.

First, Ryan has been trying to get the talkative mercenary project onto the screens for more than 10 years. Secondly, when the green light was still received, he himself took up the production and writing of some of the lines for the characters (he used the same trick in “Wolverine”, but then the reason was the strike of the Writers Guild). Thirdly, it was he who brought the project to mind, and at the same time – to the grateful audience.

The success in the end was phenomenal: for several years, the Wade Wilson dilogy topped the top-grossing superhero films in the R category ($ 785 and $ 781 million each). Later they were pushed aside by “Joker”, which took the bar in a billion, but in principle, the very appearance of the picture with Joaquin Phoenix became possible precisely thanks to “Deadpool” – studio bosses saw that projects with an 18+ rating could become hits, and began to give them the green light more often …

It is “Deadpool” that characterizes Reynolds and his merits: persistent, knows how to win the trust of producers and the public and guarantees a quality product at minimal cost. The film’s budget was only $ 58 million – negligible for a blockbuster, and it looks much more expensive.

But as a successful businessman, Ryan showed himself not only in the field of cinema. In 2020, he sold his gin brand for $ 610 million, while retaining his role as creative director. The actor also went on to appear in commercials for booze. Although a couple of videos were criticized on the network, Reynolds always managed to prevent a serious conflict with a prompt solution to the problem that had arisen or with a timely joke.

Self-irony is generally one of the most important virtues of an actor. Ryan publicly exchanges barbs with his wife Blake Lively, teases colleagues and makes fun of himself. On Twitter (he has 17.2 million subscribers), he regularly sneers at his own failures, which others would prefer to forget about as a nightmare, his own talents and even looks! And this is with the status of the sexiest man on the planet according to several respected publications at once. However, the actor demonstrated such a calm attitude towards himself in that very “Deadpool”.

Ryan Reynolds’ general lack of complexes is manifested both in his demeanor and sincerity, which captivates the audience at first sight. But an additional flair gives him the status of an ideal family man. Despite two high-profile partings – after a long romance with Alanis Morissette and a marriage with Scarlett Johansson, the actor is now difficult to imagine with someone other than Blake Lively. The stars have been together for 10 years and have three daughters: 6-year-old James, 5-year-old Ines and 1.5-year-old Betty.

Spouses rarely talk about family life in interviews, but when this happens, completely touching details surface. So, they try to act “in shifts”, adjusting to each other in order to spend as much time as possible with the children. And this increases the credit of confidence in the star to unimaginable heights.

Despite their feigned causticity, Ryan and Blake are kind and compassionate. They are famous for their generous donations to various foundations, sending checks for $ 1-2 million to non-profit organizations every few months. It would seem that haters will not be able to accuse the couple of hard-heartedness and indifference, but last year critics managed to remember the stars of a wedding on a slave plantation.

Some even compared the cost of the actress’s wedding ring – $ 2 million and donations to the organization for the protection of the rights of the black population – $ 200 thousand. Fortunately, this situation did not develop into a scandal, although in the modern world they are punished for much smaller blunders.

Despite the fact that Reynolds is often willing to work for an idea, he is one of the highest paid Hollywood actors, consistently getting into the top three. Last year alone, at the height of the pandemic, he earned more than $ 70 million. Netflix contributed a lot to the growth in revenues – some journalists even called the actor the platform’s golden boy. For each of the two projects – “The Phantom Six” (83 million views per month) and “Red Notice” – Ryan Reynolds received $ 20 million.

The actor’s fee for the film “Our Name is Adam”, according to insiders, is also an 8-digit figure. But there are also theatrical projects – the long-suffering “Main Hero”, which will never make it to the rental, and the sequel “The Bodyguard of the Killer’s Wife”. Since the producers released the second part on the screens, it means that they are counting on excellent fees. However, they have a reliable partner, whose name in the credits has already become the key to success.

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