“I was offered to comment on the competition on Channel One. It will be an interesting experience, let’s see what happens “, says Evgenia Medvedeva – Figure skating

Two-time world figure skating champion Evgenia Medvedeva spoke about her immediate plans.

– Yes, I do not participate in competitions this season, but, of course, I will continue to train, as I am busy in many ice projects. Of course, the volume of training is incommensurate with that of the girls who are preparing for the main starts of the Olympic Games, but I keep myself in good shape to compete with dignity in ice shows.

– Alexey Yagudin said that you are planning to participate in the “Ice Age”. This is true?

– At the moment I can not confirm anything. This is a question for Channel One. I can say “wait and see” about my participation. This project was brilliantly launched in due time by Ilya Averbukh. I respect this man and what he does, and not only in figure skating. I already had an interesting experience of participating in the “Ice Age” – as a host. But you can try something different?

– The Japanese were eager to see you in ice shows, but they were canceled due to the coronavirus. Has anything changed today?

– Alas, now it is impossible to say with certainty in which ice shows I will participate. There are, of course, plans, but I will only announce them when, together with the organizers, I am sure that the event will actually take place. I can say for sure about the plans to participate in the November shows of Ilya Averbukh “Anna Karenina” in Moscow, as well as in the New Year programs.

– What are your plans for the near future?

– There are a number of ideas, but I will not talk about them yet. I was also offered to comment on this season’s competitions on Channel One. It will be an interesting experience for me, let’s see what happens, – said Medvedeva.

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