Italian Grand Prix: Curious statistics

Several interesting statistical selections based on the results of the Italian Grand Prix …

Qualification and sprint

Valtteri Bottas won the Monza qualifier for the second fastest time of the season in the final session. The pole holder by modern Formula 1 rules is the winner of Saturday’s sprint, but the Finn won that too, so now he has 18 poles – the same as Kimi Raikkonen’s career. Kimi also won pole position in Monza in 2005, but received a penalty with the loss of positions at the start for replacing the engine.

Max Verstappen showed the third time in qualification – never in 14 Grand Prix held he did not fall below third place – six times was first, three times – second and five times third. After a penalty from Bottas and a mistake by Hamilton, Max started from pole for the first time in his career in Monza. This is the first pole of Red Bull Racing since Monza ’13, when there were no hybrid turbo engines, and the qualification was won by Sebastian Vettel.

Lewis Hamilton showed the second time in qualifying – for the third time in the season the first row of the starting field according to the results of qualification was occupied by Mercedes drivers, but not at the start of the Grand Prix, but in the Saturday sprint. According to the results of the sprint, Hamilton started in Sunday’s race fourth, for the first time since switching to hybrid turbo engines, starting the race not in the top three.

On Friday, Lando Norris finished fourth and Daniel Riccardo fifth, for the first time this season, both McLaren drivers were in the top five in qualifying, and Daniel Riccardo started from the first row in the race for the first time since Mexico’18 and the tenth time in his career.

Pierre Gasly qualified sixth, for the 12th time in the season being in the top six according to the results of qualification, but in the race after an accident in the sprint, for the first time since Turkey’20, he started only 19th.

Antonio Giovinazzi showed 10th time, making his way to the final in the second Grand Prix in a row.

The qualification at Monza, in which Fernando Alonso finished 13th and Esteban Ocon 14th, is one of the worst for the team of the season. Only in Austria did the Alpine racers qualify worse. The score in the qualifying confrontation between them became equal again: 7 – 7 – there is no other team such a tight fight.

Yuki Tsunoda dropped out of the fight for the eighth time this season in the first part of qualification.


It was the fifth race in Italy in the past 12 months. The circle is complete: Monza – Mugello – Imola in 2020 and Imola – Monza in 2021.

After winning the Italian Grand Prix, Daniel Riccardo won his eighth career victory, his first since Monaco’18 and his first in Monza. This is McLaren’s first victory with Brazil’12 – 8 years 9 months and 18 days have passed since then. Riccardo became the fifth race winner this season.

Lando Norris finished second with his best career and a fifth podium finish.

For the first time since Canada’10, the McLaren team won the winning double – 220 Grand Prix and 11 years 2 months and 30 days have passed since then. This is the first double for either team this season.

The McLaren drivers finished first and second, Riccardo scoring one point for the best lap and one for Saturday’s sprint – the team earned the most points this year’s weekend – 45, with a maximum of 49 points. This is the third result in history (thanks to the readers – Evgeny Polyakov and Vladimir Kosenko) – in 2014, in Abu Dhabi, double points were awarded, and then they earned 66 points in Williams, and 50 in Mercedes.

Valtteri Bottas finished third after starting from 19th place, eighth time this season and 64th time in his career to climb to the podium.

Lance Stroll’s seventh place is his best result of the season, having finished eighth four times before.

Finishing ninth, George Russell has scored points for the third time in his last four Grand Prix. Prior to that, Williams had not earned points for two years – since Germany’19.

Lewis Hamilton interrupted a series of 63 Grand Prix without retirements, which continued from Austria’18. Hamilton and Verstappen did not finish in the same race for the first time in history.

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