Magomed-Shapi Suleimanov, where now, moved from Krasnodar to Turkish Giresunspor, interview – September 14, 2021

Special correspondent Sport24 During the summer training camp in Austria Dmitry Egorov talked with Krasnodar midfielder Magomed Shapi-Suleimanov. In this interview, the footballer speculated about the problem with young players, shared his opinion about Khabib’s football prospects, answered Igor Shalimov and remembered how he had had a coronavirus. Then Shapi still hoped that this season he would be able to truly realize himself in Krasnodar, but in the end he went on loan and now defends the colors of the Turkish Giresunspor.

– Last season I asked you a question in the mixed doubles, and you were very upset that you were not included in the squad. Zelimkhan Bakayev also had a recession after the coronavirus. Do you associate this with the “crown”?

Undoubtedly. I didn’t just get sick – I was in the hospital, I had 32% of lung damage.

– How was it?

– The temperature rose under 40, kept for 4-5 days. I was given IVs every 2 hours to bring it down.

– You, like everyone else, watched Euro – who did you like on it?

The Italians – how they fled, how they rejoiced. Hungarians are great, im just a little bit was not enough. The Danes also played very well. But the French did not live up to expectations. With such a line-up, they seemed to be playing on defense.

– Did you correspond with Safonov after Denmark?

– No, I just know what kind of person he is. I know that after the matches it is better for him not to write this. If something doesn’t work for him, and you approach him, he begins to withdraw into himself. I thought I’d better rest. Moreover, such an event happened to him, a daughter was born.

– Radimov said: Safonov’s problem is that he cannot cram the defenders, because he is not as authoritative as Akinfeev. Does he shove in Krasnodar?

Yes, he shoved in the national team, I saw. Plus, in the same match with Denmark, I made some great saves. Put any other goalkeeper there, it would be a shooting. I know that he is never shy and prompts his defenders, be it the national team or the club.

– Our youth team is losing to Denmark, the main team is losing too. Everyone says that we have a problem with the generation, we are lagging behind all football countries. As a representative of the younger generation, what can you say about this?

Look, where they have people from the youth team and the main team. Everyone is abroad. They have a different football. In Russia it is, of course, slower than in Europe. Plus, we don’t play football. We are constantly hitting towards the attacker. Many people say that this is already outdated football, I don’t even know who still plays like that. Maybe Belgium. But there Lukaku clings to all the balls, and go and move him. I, of course, do not advise anyone, everyone sees football in their own way. But, as for me, this game of striker has already become a bit old.

– What football are you for? For trusting the young?

– How else will new people appear in the national team, if you do not trust the young? There will never be anyone. Look at the top clubs. Where are young people trusted in Russia now?

– To Dynamo.

– They just started at Dynamo, yes, but they didn’t even make it to the European Cups. In the same Borussia, people play in the Champions League, they are 17-18 years old. They play in top championships, top matches. Therefore, when they are called up to the national team, they look stronger than people who conditionally compete with Tambov at home.

– Many people here are afraid to trust the young.

This is a question for the people who are sitting there. Perhaps they see football in their own way.

– You also had such a situation. Despite the fact that the head coach was, in fact, a friend.

– I respect Murat Olegovich. Perhaps he also saw some things in his own way. But I could always go up to him, say that I am unhappy with my playing time. He always explained to me what and how. When the coach explains everything to you, you begin to react much more calmly to it. At the same time, I had segments when he gave me a lot to play. There was a period from autumn to winter when I played all matches for 90 minutes. And then all this fuss with coronavirus began, I had a recession.

– How do you like Goncharenko?

A good coach, a good specialist. Always comes up, explains what the mistakes are. Maybe during a break, draw on the board, show what mistakes I made. It helps a lot.

– Everyone says that Shapi’s main cool quality is a kick from the left foot. Did you play it in childhood, did you stay after training? Or is it a genetic ability?

Of course I did it. At the academy, we very often stayed after training, beat. It’s not that you just take it – you hit the goal, it needs to be trained. I think only Messi does it genetically – everyone else works it out. Even when Musaev was at the academy, we worked a lot on this. Then they trained in the main team, it has always been.

– Khabib is about to join professional football – to the Legion-Dynamo team. Did he ask you to give any lessons?

– I still don’t think he will play there. He wants to go straight to a big club. Although they say he plays well. Lessons – no, did not ask.

– He had an injury to the crosses.

He had crosses on both legs, if I’m not mistaken. Therefore, it will be difficult. But with the hard work that he has, I think he can. Imagine if he plays a defender! Nobody will pass it.

– Are you pleased that Khabib supports Dagestan, despite all his victories? In fact, he could now live anywhere. But he is in Dagestan, uploads pictures with you, supports you as well.

Yes, I talked to him many times. He is very easy to talk to, despite what a star he is. Khabib always supports Dagestan. He loves his homeland very much, like all Dagestanis, for this he is greatly respected.

– Would you like to play football with him?

If there is an opportunity – why not?

– Have you read the words of Shalimov that Khabib has a bad influence on you?

– Neighing from this. Why does Khabib affect me badly? We do not resolve issues with him on football.

– He meant that you became very serious, important.

– No, how important I am? I’m serious on the football field. And in life I am simple. You can ask other people.

– Are you not offended when they say that the youth of Krasnodar has deteriorated – about you, about Ignatiev? You don’t really hang out, don’t drink.

– Yes, I never really drank, I never did anything like that. There are simply certain points that you cannot control. The same disease, the body’s reaction to it. But now all this is in the past. And I want to live in the present.

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