Manchester United will lay out a fortune for Cristiano Ronaldo. How will the club recoup the costs of the Champions League king?

After the collapse of the European Super League, one of the initiators of the project and the president of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli, was asked if he regretted inviting Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer of 2018. “Was it a mistake to sign it? Never. I would do the same even tomorrow, ”the functionary confidently rejected the assumption.

Andrea’s sincerity raises questions: the residents of Turin paid 100 million euros for the Portuguese, hoping to reach a new level. For three years in Italy, Krish only once brought the “old lady” to at least 1/4 of the Champions League, and in the last season allowed the club’s winning streak to end in the national championship.

Ronaldo gave up on his performance at Real Madrid but still scored 101 goals in 134 games. Agnelli definitely expected more influence from the star on the field, but outside of it there is some evidence of the functionary’s rightness: sales of T-shirts flew into space, along with coverage in social networks and numbers in sponsorship contracts. The club acquired much more than it spent on inviting Cristiano.

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Ronaldo returned to the Champions League with Manchester United and immediately scored


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Manchester United are already the Premier League’s biggest financial monster, but with the arrival of CR7, the Red Devils’ marketing department will have even more work to do. Monetizing a sports star of Ronaldo’s scale is not that difficult, and so far Manchester United’s chief executive Ed Woodward has pitched Krish’s comeback to the team owners Glazers without any problems.

According to The Athletic, the functionary entered through Joel – the main in the family on the commercial viability of any United deal. Woodward, with the help of the club’s financiers, quickly sketched a presentation for the boss, in which he colorfully described the benefits of a future collaboration with the football icon. According to the source, Manchester United expects to recapture most, if not all, of the costs of Ronaldo.

Juventus received a basic compensation of 15 million euros, and the player himself got a salary in the region of 525 thousand euros per week. Taking into account the option of extending the two-year agreement for an additional season and bonus payments to the Turin people, the Portuguese can cost Manchester 105 million euros. United are already making Krish’s image work – for a start, the club knocked out the star’s signature number seven. I had to return the money to fans who have already bought T-shirts with the name of Cavani, but these are paltry expenses in comparison with future profits.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Manchester United

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The greatest potential for monetization of the KriRo brand is in future partnership deals of “MU”. The first priority issue is finding a new sponsor for the team’s training base in Carrington. AON paid 210 million euros for an eight-year presence in the naming of the sports complex, but the agreement between the parties has expired. The opportunity to become the backdrop for Ron’s snow-white smile will be a great incentive for potential applicants to shell out more money for Manchester.

United do not need business advisors, but the player’s three-year experience at Juventus clearly illustrates what can be achieved with a five-time Ballon d’Or in the squad. The head of the sports department of the auditing company KPMG Andrea Sarotori gave the exact numbers. Commercial revenue from Turin increased from 143 million euros in the 2017/18 season (the year before Ronaldo’s arrival) to 175 million euros in the 2019/20 season.

Profit from the title sponsor Jeep jumped from 17 million euros to 45. The technical sponsor – adidas – brings the “old lady” 51 million euros, although previously paid only 23 million euros per season. Social media coverage has more than doubled, from 50 million to 110 million followers. Since Ronaldo, Turinans have on average sold twice as many T-shirts as before – despite the pandemic.

Comparing the cases of United and Juventus is not entirely relevant – Cristiano’s employers have different starting points. A January report from the Deloitte Football Money League estimated United’s commercial revenue at € 330 million, 55% of the club’s total 2019/20 revenue. Only Barcelona, ​​Real and Bayern have squeezed more out of the competitive market. Turintsy even with Ron scraped together only 189 million euros – a little more than Tottenham.

Sartori noted that before the invitation of CR7, the total annual revenue of the “old lady” was 400 million euros – the club lagged behind Real Madrid, Barça and Manchester United by about 350 million euros, a whole abyss. The financier emphasized the problems of Turin residents with commercialization, it was the signing of Krish that allowed them to increase their international attractiveness. Like the rest of Serie A: the tournament lacked a star of this caliber for many years. With United and the Premier League, everything is different – these are already globally recognized brands.

The Red Devils have 24 global partners, each of whom dumps at least a seven-figure sum every year for the right to associate with United. The software development company Teamviewer in March became the title sponsor of Manchester United and agreed to unbuckle Mancunians 55 million euros per season. The technical sponsor adidas is making € 93 million a year.

The question of Ronaldo’s value to United is more subtle than calculating net financial gain. The long-term commercial implications of signing a player of the magnitude of Cristiano are difficult to account for. His comeback to Old Trafford brings Manchester United back to the top of the football pyramid, from which the club has been systematically sliding down after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson.

The signing of Jadon Sancho is cool, and Paul Pogba is the only one who could come close to Ron in terms of personal brand scale. But Krish and Messi are two values ​​that have long stepped over the boundaries of purely football popularity. Having one of them on the team makes the club a center of incomparable commercial attraction.

MU’s Instagram account usually attracts about 30 thousand new subscribers per day. Within a few days from the emergence of rumors to the official signing of Cristiano, the social network of the “red devils” grew by almost 4 million people. 800 thousand came in just the first hour after the appearance of information about the inevitability of the transaction from reliable insiders.

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Ron’s transfer became the most talked about in the history of Twitter, gaining 700 thousand menshen more than Messi’s transfer. Woodward was laughed at for mentioning MU’s success on social media in quarterly emails to shareholders, but each new subscriber is a potential income.

Ronaldo has not won the Ballon d’Or in recent years, but remains a giant of social networks and is light on the old-new club. The total number of his followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook has almost reached 600 million – that’s twice the population of the United States. Manchester has only 190 million, even taking into account peripheral social networks like tiktok. Recent trends highlight the importance of CriRo’s status, with young football fans increasingly following individual players rather than teams.

The sporting factor remains. Juventus was unable to build a team around Cristiano that could succeed in the Champions League – now a similar task is facing United. The club has not been able to regain the English title for eight years and has not made it past the Champions League quarterfinals since the 2010/11 season. The king of the European Cup is already 36 years old, but his performance against Newcastle showed that Krish has something to offer the team on the field.

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