Paul di Resta on the clash between Verstappen and Hamilton: “Penalties can decide the fate of the title – I still think this is a racing incident” – Auto

Former Formula 1 driver and now Sky Sports commentator Paul di Resta shared his opinion on the clash between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton at the Italian Grand Prix.

Stewards found Verstappen guilty and the Red Bull driver will lose three positions at the start of the upcoming Russian Grand Prix.

“Penalties can decide the fate of a title. Due to the fine, you can find yourself in a difficult situation. Yes, in Sochi it is quite possible to overtake, but in the championship the advantage of Verstappen is only 5 points, and the difference between the victory and the second place in the Grand Prix is ​​7 points.

I still think it was a racing incident. Although, at the same time, I understand perfectly well that the stewards had all the necessary data and evidence at their disposal, so it is difficult to argue with their decision. But yes, what happened exacerbated the situation and Max is now going to the Russian Grand Prix with this feeling, ”said di Resta.

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