Rubin brightly interrupted a losing streak

Rubin returned not only to the Russian championship, but also to the Central Stadium, where they played against Ural.

Game protocol

Rubin had a dashing start this season before the crisis streak hit him. And the pause for the national teams came in handy for him to refresh himself. She also hardly interfered with Ural, since he started this Premier League draw frankly badly and became the main candidate for elimination. The reporting match took place at the Central Stadium. Surely Leonid Slutsky was very pleased with this fact. Kazan Arena was temporarily suspended from playing matches due to the unsatisfactory quality of the lawn.

Rubin did not lose their most valuable footballer Kvaratskhelia in the last transfer window, although there were a lot of transitional rumors around him. Khvicha did not fly to the Georgian national team, and at the end of August he was injured, so he had to approach Ural without fatigue. He made the starting lineup, not only as a recovered Despotovic, but also as Danish rookie Dreyer, who was recently signed. Already in the second minute, he filigree scored with his first touch, with his heel ferrying the ball to the right corner after Khvichi’s low delivery from the left flank (1: 0).

The game was normally given to the hosts, and their second goal was not long in coming. True, the Urals took it into their own gates themselves. Kvaratskhelia cut off two opponents on the left flank with a pass to Abildgora, who shot through the air, and Mamin cut the ball into the net on the near post (2: 0). Apparently, the partners did not tell him that there was no one to close this transmission behind his back from the “ruby” ones. The Volzhans were also close to a big score, but Samoshnikov hit the post on finishing. However, the Yekaterinburg team did not hang up and switched to a more attacking game from their side. The roll was made to the right flank. Mishkich fired a very dangerous free-kick, but Dupin was at his best.

By the end of the first half, Kazan moved their game higher. Perhaps they were called to this by Slutsky, who saw that his team began to sit back. During the break, Shalimov certainly tried to instill confidence in his players, and the Bumblebees returned to attacking attempts at the beginning of the second half. And they almost earned a penalty. Gadzhimuradov was stopped by his hand at the entrance to the penalty area by Abildgor. Judge Moskalev first pointed to the point, and Bikfalvi was already preparing to shoot from the penalty spot, but the video assistants delivered the correct verdict that the foul happened before the penalty area, so the penalty was transformed into the penalty area. The Urals unsuccessfully played it with homework.

Rubin calmed the game down again, and then began to threaten the other’s goal. And not in vain, because in the 80th minute, Dreyer did a great job with the defenders on the projection of the right post and hit the near corner (3: 0). Moreover, in stoppage time he distinguished himself again, closing the cross to the left of Saltmurad Bakaev (4: 0). Dreyer immediately scored a hat-trick in his debut match for the Kazan team. Leonid Slutsky’s team smashes the last club in the table, interrupts a four-game losing streak (with the Conference League) and rises to fourth place, wedging into the space between Lokomotiv and Dynamo.

Kirill Ivantsov

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