Spartak: the best performance in the history of the club in the Champions League 1995/96

SE together with the company ZTE, a partner of FC Spartak-Moscow, recalls the brightest performance of the capital’s club in the main European Cup.

Tomorrow Spartak will begin its path in the Europa League. The first rival will be Legia, with which the red and whites have a lot of interweaving, including Stanislav Cherchesov, who managed to work in both clubs.

The first meeting between Spartak and Legia happened in 1995. Then the teams got into one group of the Champions League, and the red and white achieved a unique result – six wins in six matches. We remember how it was.

Championship fiasco and roster renewal

At the start of the European competition, Spartak occupied an unusually low, fourth place in the Russian championship. The red and white had a bad start to the season, scoring only three wins in the first ten rounds. This segment accommodated defeats from KAMAZ, Spartak-Alania, Rotor and Lokomotiv. Also, Spartak lost points in matches with Tekstilshchik, Rostselmash and Chornomorets.

At that time “Spartak” was going through the era of perestroika. The team was left by Beschastnykh, Karpin, Ledyakhov, Pisarev – all of them were the leaders of the red and white. But young footballers began to open up: Khlestov, Nikiforov, Alenichev, Shirko, Kechinov. It took Spartak some time to play, to come to their senses. And the key role in this was played by the return to the club of Valery Shmarov – in 20 league matches he scored 16 goals!

Those same six victories

Only by the middle of the season did the red-whites gain a winning move, but the gap from the first place in the championship was already too great (Spartak-Alania was steadily holding a lead of 10-12 points). In addition, Spartak was about to start the European Cup campaign. In the Champions League group, the red-whites went to Blackburn, who took the title in the Premier League in 1994/95, Rosenborg and Legia.

Started “Spartak” with a trip to England. The match turned out to be difficult: Blackburn pressed on, but Cherchesov repeatedly rescued the red-and-white ones. And ahead of “Spartak” still found its moment – Sergei Juran punished the British goalkeeper for a rash exit from the gate (1: 0).

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Two weeks later – a home match against Legia, and again Juran’s benefit performance. First, he earned a penalty kick, which was converted by Yuri Nikiforov, and later he scored himself. At the end of the meeting, the Poles won back one goal and even had chances to equalize the score. Fortunately, Spartak retained the victory (2: 1).

But the most difficult match of the red and white fell on the departure to Norway. “We were on fire at the break, 0: 2,” recalled Valery Kechinov in Oleg Romantsev’s autobiography “The whole truth about me and“ Spartak ”. – Oleg Ivanovich went into the locker room, looked at us and calmly said: “Guys, I think you need to talk to each other yourself”. And he closed the door behind him. Well, we talked: who is older, naturally, raised his voice to the youth, but everyone understood each other. We went out and tore apart this Rosenborg – 4: 2. “

After that, Spartak won two confident victories at home: over Rosenborg (4: 1) and Blackburn (3: 0). Englishmen David Batty and Graham Le Saux even fought among themselves, and right on the field. And the sixth, record victory, the red and white won in Poland (1: 0). Somewhere I was lucky – the Legia footballers managed to shoot past, in fact, empty gates.

Historic six wins

The Red and Whites were then considered one of the strongest teams in the Old World. Pavel Yanas, the head coach of Legia, said at all: Spartak is the best team in Europe today. “

“Romantsev said after the match with Legia:“ That’s it, I’m leaving. Tyou will be in my place “, recalled Georgy Yartsev. – His it was hard to be torn between three positions. Plus, the moment came when something had to be changed in Spartak ”.

Without Romantsev, Spartak could not get past Nantes in the quarter-finals. The departure of some leaders of the team – Cherchesov, Yuran, Kulkov – and controversial judicial decisions also affected. However, the red and white managed to write their name in the history of the Champions League. In addition to Spartak, only five teams won six group victories – Milan (1992), PSG (1994), Barcelona (2003), Real (2011, 2014) and Bayern (2020).

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