Tennis Daniil Medvedev won the US Open, Daniil Medvedev interview about the final, the Olympics, FIFA, Artem Dziuba, Formula 1 – September 13, 2021

Daniil Medvedev won Novak Djokovic at the US Open tonight, and in the evening he shared his emotions from the finals with Russian journalists. Among them was Sport24’s correspondent Viktoria Dmitrieva, who wrote down the most vivid answers of the Russian tennis player.

– How do you feel in the rank of US Open champion?

– I didn’t manage to realize it completely. The most important thing is that we managed to achieve one of the goals, to fulfill a childhood dream. Moreover, to defeat Novak. Emotions are unreal. Plus there are a couple of days off to enjoy it, relax, feel. I like to leave such emotions for myself and loved ones.

– During the match, did you have the feeling that Djokovic would definitely return his game?

– There were a lot of difficult moments in the match. You know you can’t give up when playing against Novak. There were moments that could completely turn the tide of the match, but we cannot know how it would have ended. We have what we have. History cannot be changed. I am glad that at the key moments of the match I was able to overcome him and myself.

– On the day of the US Open finals, you watched Formula, and then Leeds – Liverpool. Why did you spend your time in this way, what did it give you, weren’t you afraid to spend your emotions? After all, the race in F1 turned out to be hyperemotional – what is the cost of Verstappen’s hitting Hamilton.

– I really like Formula 1 as a sport, but I don’t have such a thing that I sit with gloves, root for Max or Lewis, scream, I want to break the TV. I just love this sport. They have an unreal fight this year. When they collided, it was something incredible. A very cool race. I will relax when I look. It gives me positive emotions. This is a distraction from tennis where I know what I have to do.

I watched Liverpool because it was the only Premier League match that day. I play fantasy against friends, we have a life-and-death struggle there this season. At the same time, there were scheduled trainings, warm-up before the match, concentration on it. I went to the match and won.

– Do you have a favorite pilot and team?

– Not so long ago I have been following in order to choose my favorite team and pilot. In sports, I’ve always liked new people who try to take the title away from the undefeated. Therefore, this season I am definitely rooting for Max Verstappen. I like him as a racer. They have a cool fight with Lewis. I also always liked Riccardo: he is the most charming in Formula 1. I am very glad that he was able to win the race.

– Celebrating a victory from FIFA will become a traditional feature, or do you still have some original ideas that you would like to demonstrate on the court?

– There are always ideas. Celebration is definitely not going to be a thing, because I hit hard when I fell. My leg hurts so well, so I won’t repeat it again.

– What are the expectations from the new part of FIFA? What’s your favorite club? Player?

– I started to play FIFA much less: now I play the shooter Rainbow Six. But this year he managed to reach the first division, the Weekend League. Everything was normal.

I heard that fifu can be changed. If that happens, it will be cool: I have not seen any major changes since the 15th version.

Favorite club – Bayern Munich. Favorite player … In fifa – not Lewandowski: they made him average. Although in life I like him. I also like Neuer, Gnabry. By the way, I will make his celebration somehow: he has it very cool.

– Was there any of the most unexpected congratulations on your victory?

– There were many famous people who congratulated, exhibited stories on Instagram. This is always the most unexpected: you, too, are a fan of these people from the world of sports and show business. I will not say who congratulated: this is personal. But there were people from whom I did not expect to receive congratulations. I read it and was like, “Wow! This is great”.

– Were you surprised by the congratulations from FC Bayern Munich?

– They congratulated and after London. It’s cool and enjoyable. I recently gave an interview about them, and everyone seemed to like it very much. I showed that I don’t just call Bayern my favorite club, but that I watch and understand football. We are in touch with them. I think that at some point we will stir up something with them.

– On your wedding anniversary, you gave your wife a victory at the US Open. Do you understand that now you have to make such gifts regularly?

– The tournament changes its dates slightly. I haven’t looked at the calendar for next year yet. This time it so happened that the final fell on this one, and I managed to win. It’s just a miracle. This is unlikely to happen often. You will probably have to come up with other gifts. More simple to perform. But if it turns out that way again, I’m all for it.

– Do you plan to celebrate with Dasha somehow?

– Yes, we are now flying to another city. There, the two of us can enjoy the victory, celebrate. Today we celebrate with a big company. This will be fun too. Naturally, we will take the time to enjoy the victory together. There was no such possibility yet.

“Russians know how to celebrate. I hope I won’t get into the news. Or if I hit it, then it will be in an amicable way, ”you said after the final. How are you going to celebrate to get on the news?

“We’re gathering here with a group of people I know. Yesterday they were heard at the final. I think everyone will celebrate. It will be fun.

About the news – it’s more of a joke: different situations happen. But I know myself and know how to control. I think nothing like this will happen and no one will know about it.

– You just have to win the Olympics, the Davis Cup and become the first racket of the world. Can you prioritize them for yourself?

– If we talk about priorities, the Olympic Games would be in the first place. They will not be there for three years, and you have to play tennis at that time.

Of the most realistic and immediate goals – the Davis Cup. I’m not afraid to say that we have one of the best teams in the world right now. Four players in the top 30 – no one else has that. We are also able to play a pair, even though it does not always work out. In the ATP Cup, we showed that sometimes you don’t have to play a pair. I think this is the most realistic goal.

If we talk about the first racket of the world, many times it was not so far. I kept saying: “If I become the first racket of the world, only after winning the“ Helmet ”. Now he is, but Novak has won three Grand Slam titles this year and made it to the final. I don’t even have a mathematical chance to take his line. I have to play and win all the tournaments of the year for this, which is a little bit out of the fantasy world.

I hope that in the course of my career I will check all this. I will try my best to win everything I can. It is most important.

– How do you like the first Olympic experience? What conclusions did you make for the future, considering that you will play in Paris in three years?

– The problem is that there is soil. I have three years. This year at Roland Garros I played well, I could have played better with Tsitsipas. Let’s see how it goes.

The Olympics gave me an unrealistic experience. I went there and thought: “I am going to play for the country, but this is another tournament that I need to try to win.” When I arrived, for the first time in my life I felt what it means to play for the country. And we were without a flag. I had a desire to tear and throw, but I was not ready to win the tournament for various reasons. I am glad that ours still managed to hold a frenzied Olympics with a bunch of medals.

After the defeat, there were hard feelings. The next day, Novak lost. For him, it was a hike for the Golden Helmet. At the press conference he was asked: “How do you feel?” And he says: “I had tough defeats at the Olympics, but they made me stronger every time. I have my own goals, which I will try to fulfill. “

It gave me such motivation: if he is able to say that, I will just try to be better in the next tournaments. There is nothing else left. You can’t sit and cry for three years waiting for the next Olympics. In a sense, it turned out to be done already here. I’m very happy about that.

– After the matches, when you return to your family, do you leave all your emotions on the court?

– Mostly yes. It’s like Vegas here. Everything that happens on the court remains on the court. Another question is that tennis is a huge part of my life. 90-95% of my life. This affects the remaining 5-10% of real life. Of course, after defeats, the mood is worse than after victories. It seems to me that I have a strong quality that I am able to quickly understand if I have done everything I could. If not, you need to be better next time. If you did everything you could, this is a sport, you won’t change anything, and you need to work further. I am able to come to my room and enjoy life, do ordinary things, if I am with Dasha or alone at a tournament.

– You recently compared yourself to Artem Dzyuba. After winning the US Open, maybe you will take a higher level? For example, Lewandowski.

– I was not talking about tennis, but about football when I played with my peers. I am not comparing myself to Dziuba in terms of football. I like the type of forwards who may seem clumsy, like me on the court, but score goals. Dziuba is the record holder of the Russian national team in terms of the number of goals. He is one of the leaders of Zenit, scored for all the clubs in which he played, became the top scorer of the championship many times. At the same time, they still continue to say that he is not very good at some things. That is why I compared myself to him. No one will compare Lewandowski and Artyom. Lewandowski is better, that’s a fact. I really respect Artyom as an athlete. And what he achieved in Russian football is something incredible.

– What are your plans for the rest of the season? Do you plan to play in Moscow and St. Petersburg?

– Unfortunately, everything will depend on Indian Wells: this is the Masters, which cannot be missed. A thousand points are at stake. I will play it. Indian Wells, Paris and Turin are tournaments to play.

I would love to play both Moscow and St. Petersburg: I ​​love to play in Russia. In Moscow, I did not achieve any crazy results. This is one of my career goals. The question is that I have been in America for three months in a row, before that I was in Tokyo, and Moscow is right after Indian Wells, Peter is in front of Paris. I would be glad to play both tournaments in front of my own audience, but I can not promise anything.

– You are compared with Danila Bagrov, who came to America to defeat everyone and knows exactly “what is the strength, brother.” Daniel, what is the strength?

– Oh, hard question (laughs)… Tennis – this kind of sport when we play in many countries of the world. The only thing I’m really good at playing here is the conditions, the courts, the balls fit. In this regard, I love to play in America. There is no other answer to this question.

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