The OI champion, who played for Ukraine, showed a photo from Crimea with the flag of Russia: Summer views: Sports:

Olympic champion in synchronized swimming Marina Golyadkina showed on Instagram a photo from her vacation in Crimea.

The athlete posed in Yalta with the flag of Russia. In the picture, she in an orange swimsuit performed a split. “Guess where I’m resting. Hello haters, ”Golyadkina signed the post. In the comments, users called the OI champion a risky one.

Golyadkina was born in Donetsk and until 2015 played for the Ukrainian national team, together with which she became the bronze medalist of the World Championship. She received Russian citizenship in 2015. As part of the national team, the athlete won gold at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and won the world championship twice.

On July 22, a map appeared on the website of the Olympic Games in Tokyo in the Olympics Cheer Zone section, on which Ukraine is separated from Crimea by a border. The country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs instructed the embassy in Japan to investigate what had happened, after which the conditional line between Ukraine and Crimea disappeared.

Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014 as a result of a referendum in which the overwhelming majority of those who voted in the region supported such a decision. Ukraine, the EU countries and the United States refused to recognize the results of the vote, calling the reunification of the peninsula with mainland Russia an annexation. The Russian authorities reject these allegations and insist that the procedure was in accordance with international law.

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