Toto Wolff: In the place of Lewis, I would not yield to Max

For Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, the Monza race ended on lap 26 after a collision in the first chicane, but title rivals could have collided on the first lap in turn four. In that situation, Lewis drove off the track to avoid contact between cars. The head of the Mercedes team, Toto Wolff, believes that in the place of his driver he would not concede to Verstappen.

“On the first lap, Lewis left a lot of space in the fourth turn and avoided a collision,” Racingnews365 quotes Toto Wolff. – Perhaps I would not adhere to sports principles, like Lewis, and in his place would have finished the race in that corner. At the very least, this would save the resource of the power plant.

On lap 26, the situation was the opposite, and contact occurred between them. In the future, it is necessary to avoid such situations when riders knock each other out for tactical reasons.

The first lap showed that both riders can avoid such incidents. If one of them acts too hard, then the other makes an effort to avoid a collision, but this did not happen on the 26th lap. The question is how many more similar incidents will we see in the future, when each of them will try to prevent the opponent from winning. The struggle is very intense and we need to find a framework within which we can act. ”

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