Valentine Wylsacom has betrayed tradition. Looks like he was pinned by Apple


Renowned tech blogger Valentin Petukhov Wylsacom will not be streaming Apple’s presentation tonight. He announced this in one of his latest videos.

The Wylsacom channel is secretly built “on the superiority of Apple” – it was the “apple” technique that former lawyer Valentin Petukhov began to observe on camera. Until now, he has never missed a single Apple presentation while hosting a streaming conference – he broadcast the presentation, accompanied by his comments, giveaways and integrated advertising.

In the past few years, YouTube has started blocking his streams – usually a few minutes after the start, he was already banned. The most common reason for blocking was a complaint from Apple. It’s all about the copyright for the content – Wylsacom had no right to rebroadcast Apple presentations. Valentin tried to get out and every time he came up with something new: for example, he stopped playing the video sequence in an integrated manner and just put the TV with the video behind him. The WWDC 2021 conference, which took place on June 7, 2021, he streamed without video at all – only an audio track from Apple sounded on the air, while it was accompanied by all the traditional attributes of a Vilsa stream. It helped – the stream went from start to finish, but there was almost no sense in this approach.

This time – for the first time in many years – Valentine decided not to broadcast at all. He did not explain this decision in any way, but it can be assumed that the reason for it was a request from Apple itself. The Wylsacom channel has grown to almost 10 million subscribers, and therefore it can no longer evade the explicit recommendations of a large company. There is speculation that Apple simply banned Valentine from relaying her presentation – perhaps because he, in fact, used it for his own benefit.

Earlier, we talked about what to expect tonight at the Apple conference. The company may unveil the iPhone 13, the 3rd generation AirPods, the new bezel-less iPad mini 6 and the Apple Watch Series 7 with a new design. In addition, the release date for iOS 15, iPadOS 15 and macOS Monterey will be announced today for all users.

UPDATED: Blogger’s app has an announcement of “Apple Showcases with Wylsacom”. Valentin himself commented on this: “I will not be with Apple’s presentation itself. Well, it will be available with sub, so not much suffering. But nobody canceled to tune in and chat a little bit “.

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