“Verstappen takes a long time to grow up. A true champion can’t get involved in accidents all the time, ”says Jackie Stewart – Auto

Three-time world champion Jackie Stewart is disappointed by the over-aggression of Red Bull pilot Max Verstappen.

At the Italian Grand Prix, the season leader collided with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton – both opponents got off.

“Verstappen takes longer to mature than expected. Not even going to Hamilton after a serious incident, after driving through another guy’s car – I really don’t understand this. Especially considering that he stayed in the car for a long time. Max has a lot to learn. But who will he listen to?

He’s very, very good. Perhaps now Max is the fastest pilot on the grid, but you cannot constantly get involved in accidents if you want to become a real champion. If I were the leaders of the team, I would say: “For God’s sake, stop doing this.” Leadership in the championship does not make you invulnerable, ”said the legendary Briton.

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Stewart also spoke out on the Verstappen penalty in the form of losing three positions at the start of the Russian Grand Prix:

“The judges have more information, but if they are so sure that Verstappen is entirely to blame, then why will he only lose three positions? Lewis could have died if not for the halo, and the alleged culprit only received a scolding. “

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