Vinicius is trying to become the main star of La Liga

Lionel Messi, who was the main star of the tournament, left the Spanish championship this summer. Many began to wonder who will replace him now. The network edition “Euro-Futbol.Ru” offers Vinicius for this role, who begins to justify advances.

For many years La Liga was the tournament of the world’s top stars. Until recently, the duel between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo was the main one in football. Not only did they both play in La Liga, but they were surrounded by equally bright football players: Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Luis Suarez, Neymar, Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, Karim Benzema. However, in recent years this air of stardom has subsided. A vibrant generation of Spanish footballers have retired, and their successors fall short of the level of world champions. Suarez, Modric and Kroos have grown old, while Griezmann and Bale have gone into the shadows. Ronaldo left, and now Messi is gone. There was a feeling that La Liga was orphaned. For the entire tournament, Karim Benzema remained, who has only gotten better over the years, but still it is close to the end.

And yet there is a feeling that a new star is breaking out in La Liga. They talked about Vinicius Junior for a long time, but not for football reasons, but rather for monetary reasons. “Real” dumped 45 million for a 16-year-old guy and after that was still waiting for the Brazilian to come of age to move to Europe.

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At first, Vinicius stood out for the speed and haste of decision-making. The Brazilian, speaking in journalistic cliches, seemed to have forgotten to punch. Vinicius was always running away, winding up at the expense of dribbling rivals, but there was little exhaust from this. He scored productive points, but in Real Madrid even a dummy could do it.

Nevertheless, it seems Vinicius is finally starting to do what Real Madrid wanted him to do. It is significant that this season only four rounds were enough for him to set his personal goalscorer record in the Spanish Championship. The Brazilian has already managed to score four times, although before he had never managed to score more than three goals in La Liga in a season.

However, the point is not at all about goals. Vinicius was finally able to synchronize the speed of his running and the speed of his thought. The Brazilian began to do everything on time. Vinicius manages to raise his head and, even being at high speed, make a hit for execution, which becomes effective. The goal against Levante in the second round was a real work of art. The exact ending in the match against Celta is not worth such big words, but it can definitely be called masterful.

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Among other things, it is noticeable that partners increasingly began to play for Vinicius, who began to participate more in the drawing of the ball. In addition, the Brazilian has more play in passing. If earlier Vinicius, receiving the ball, immediately picked up speed in order to run away and beat someone, now he has become more diverse.

It seems Vinicius is gradually trying on the role of the leader of Real Madrid. In addition to a good game, he begins to feel confident in his abilities, which only helps him. Of course, while the main star of Madrid is Karim Benzema, but the Frenchman will turn 34 in December, and his term is coming to an end. Vinicius intends to become the main player of Real Madrid in the near future. He has all the qualities for this, so there will be no surprises in this. Given the problems of Barcelona, ​​the Brazilian may well qualify for the role of the main star of the entire La Liga.

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