When will iOS 15 be released and what new features will it receive?


In just a few hours, Apple will present the iPhone 13, Apple Watch Series 7 and, probably, AirPods 3. The company will clearly save the rest of the novelties until the next events, which are already planned for three this fall. But if people are usually willing to wait a long time for tablets, laptops and all-in-ones, then most of them have a completely different approach to iOS updates. Obviously everyone will be waiting today iOS 15 releasebut it won’t. We will tell you why and when you can count on a release.

iOS 15 will not be released on September 14, but only on the 21st

Мнение: Почему я жду обновления FaceTime в iOS 15

You got it right iOS 15 will not be released on September 14… This is not due to the unavailability of the operating system, but to the fact that the company has not released updates on a daily basis for a long time. announcement of new iPhone models… Think back to previous years. Immediately after the presentation of the iPhone 11, which took place on September 10, 2019, Apple presented only the Release Candidate assembly.

When iOS 15 comes out

Yes, it has the same set of innovations as the release version, and even the same build number, but in fact it is not. Actual iOS 15 release took place only a week later, when Apple began accepting pre-orders for the new iPhone. In 2020, the situation was somewhat different, because due to the pandemic iPhone 12 is out a month later, so we will not take it as an example.

This is the updated Safari browser. Did not recognize?

Obviously, this year the story will be the same as it was two years ago. That is, today we will see the final test build. iOS 15 Release Candidate… Despite the fact that Apple usually does not announce the release date of updates, we can already imagine what date can be expected.

Apple выпустила краткий обзор функций iOS 15

Most likely, iOS 15 release will take place on the day the appointment starts pre-orders for iPhone 13… And since it will last 2-3 days – no more – then Apple will have to provide new smartphones with a new version of the OS so that they reach their owners in a ready-to-use state.

What features will not be in iOS 15

3D maps and other innovations in iOS 15 will be slightly delayed

Unfortunately, far from all new features in iOS 15, which were presented at WWDC 2021, will reach users on the day of release. Some of them will be released with some delay:

  • Application activity recording (a tool that collects information about when and how many times a particular application accessed a microphone, camera, geolocation services and where it transmits this data).
  • ICloud Custom Domains (this is a new feature of iCloud Mail, which will allow users to create their own email addresses on the domains they own, but based on iCloud. For example, ivan@appleinsider.ru).
  • Universal control (a universal feature of iPadOS and macOS, which will allow you to control them with the mouse at the same time, dragging it from the iPad screen to the Mac and vice versa) as if it were a single workspace.
  • SharedPlay (the FaceTime function, which allows you to watch movies together, regardless of where each of the interlocutors is).
  • 3D mode in Apple Maps (Apple maps will get a 3D mode, but not immediately, but gradually, due to the fact that the three-dimensional models of houses and the landscape are not yet ready).

What’s new in iOS 15

You will need the newest iPhone possible to access all the innovations in iOS 15.

Not to say that the innovations are downright very significant, but without them the functional composition of iOS 15 – already not the most extensive – will be even poorer. Moreover, this year Apple decided to quite officially divide iOS 15 into versions for new iPhones and for old ones. The new ones – those based on the A12 Bionic processor and newer – will get the whole set of innovations, and the old ones – with older hardware – will be content with a truncated list.

Here are the key iOS 15 innovations for new iPhones:

  • FaceTime portrait mode;
  • Spatial sound in FaceTime;
  • Directions in Apple Maps in AR;
  • Interactive Globe in Apple Maps;
  • Increased detail of cities in Apple Maps;
  • Key digitizing function;
  • Copying text from photos;
  • QuickTake video zoom;
  • Faster Siri;
  • Offline mode for Siri;
  • Personal adjustment of Siri;
  • Offline dictation recognition;
  • Animated weather forecast;
  • Improved spatial audio in Apple Music.

Почему вам нужен новый iPhone, чтобы нормально обновиться на iOS 15

And this is what the spectrum looks like iOS 15 innovations for old iPhones:

  • Updated Safari browser with extension support;
  • Extended Do Not Disturb mode;
  • “Focus” mode, which allows you to work with profiles;
  • Grouping notifications for the day into one collection;
  • Login to compatible sites without biometrics passwords;
  • Updated “Locator” with offline search function.

Not a fountain, frankly. Apparently, Apple is trying to convey to the owners of older iPhone models that it is time to update to something more modern, despite the fact that their smartphones are still supported. Still, as practice shows, a powerful processor is far from a fiction, but a guarantee of the correct operation of new OS functions in the future.


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