Who will replace Mario Fernandez in the Russian national team

CSKA defender Mario Fernandez announced his retirement in the Russian national team. The network edition “Euro-Futbol.Ru” ponders who will take the place of the ethnic Brazilian in the national team of the country.

The departure of Mario Fernandez from the Russian national team did not come as a surprise. This was discussed back in August, but then the CSKA defender was in the team. Either Valery Karpin persuaded him for only one training camp, or the injury sustained laterally was the last straw, but Mario no longer intends to wear the Russian national team jersey. This is another problem for Karpin, because now we need to look for a replacement for him.

Over the summer, the Russian team lost two laterals. Yuri Zhirkov seems to have ended his career in principle. If the veteran even finds a new club, then in any case, his return to the national team is in question. Now Fernandez has completed his performances in the national team. Let’s add here Fyodor Kudryashov, who could have played on the left, but, apparently, he is not included in Karpin’s plans.

Apparently, the main pair of laterals will now be Vyacheslav Karavaev on the right and Ilya Samoshnikov. However, even here everything is not so simple. Karavaev was injured in a national team match, and it is not yet clear when he will be able to enter the field again. And in any case, Karpin needs an understudy in this position, which suddenly became quite problematic, although not long ago there was an excess of full-backs in Russia.

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On the right can play Sergey Petrov from Krasnodar, who has experience in playing for the national team. True, he is now traumatized. We can recall another veteran – Igor Smolnikov from Arsenal, but his level of play is hardly suitable for solving the task of the Russian national team to get to the world championship.

Apparently, Karpin will have to look for a right-back in Spartak. Roman Zobnin’s ability to act in this position is likely to come in handy for the national team soon. Judging by the September matches, the coach of the Russian national team does not see the midfielder in the starting lineup in the center of the field, but the player’s versatility can help here.

If Karavaev is unable to help the Russian national team in the October fights, then Karpin’s choice may be limited to Dmitry Zhivoglyadov from Lokomotiv and Nikolai Rasskazov from Spartak. It seems that the latter in this conditional duel looks like the favorite. Rasskazov tries his best to take advantage of his chance to play in the first team, and at the start of the season looks like one of the best footballers of Spartak. The 23-year-old defender works out both from behind and joins the attacks.

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To be honest, the fact that Nikolay Rasskazov can replace Mario Fernandez in the Russian national team is a little worrisome. With all due respect to the latter, these are players of an absolute different level. It is clear that if health does not fail, Karavaev will play, but still it is alarming that there is no substitute for the same level behind him.

In general, it is, of course, strange that even with the existing limit, we did not have new right-backs, and Kirill Nababkin, who got into the application for Euro 2012, and Alexey Kozlov and Andrey Yeshchenko, who went to the 2014 World Cup, continue to play at Premier League level.

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