Zobnin told how the Russian national team has changed after the arrival of Karpin – 09/14/2021

– How was the first training camp of the national team under Valery Karpin?

– The training camp turned out to be good, although there was little time for both tactics and physics. In general, the team understands the vision and ideas of the new coaching staff. A lot has changed! Let’s start with the scheme: in fact, we are playing clear 4-3-3 with three defenders. Barinov rises higher (except for the last match). Now we are trying to meet the opponent higher and put pressure. Of course, there was a lot of theory, but there was no other way during the first training camp.

In everyday life, the diet has changed: now there is really no sugar, tea can only be drunk empty, porridge is cooked in water, there is no meat, pasta only on the day of the game. Procedures and recovery are now mandatory: “cold” and “hot” water, massages, sauna, prophylaxis, individual training … Each player is sent a personal list. Now everything has become more organized and systematized. In the evening, the players already know a clear schedule of their procedures for the next day.

– How did you feel about the fact that you remained in reserve in the matches against Croatia and Cyprus?

– So, there are players who are stronger than me in this position. A new coach came with his own vision, changed something. I am absolutely normal about this. Karpin and I talked more than once, there are definitely no offenses. My job is to work well in training and prove on the field. I cannot say that I am satisfied with my performance in the match with Malta: there were mistakes. Football players are rarely satisfied with their performance.

– Bakaev scored the first goal for the national team at our stadium. You haven’t distinguished yourself for the national team yet. The time has come?

– I’m glad for Zelimkhan! I, apparently, have not yet grown to a goal for the national team, I need to play a little more. But I am still not a striker, I have other functions on the field: organizing pressure, defense, attack.

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