A new variant of Pegasus spyware has been discovered. Apple has released software protection, but how long will it last?

Apple Store in Beijing

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Scientists from the University of Citizen Lab in Toronto have identified a new type of spyware, with the help of which hackers break into Apple’s operating system, including its latest devices, using the so-called “zero click” method, that is, without any action on the part of the user.

In March of this year, scientists got hold of the iPhone of one of the Saudi dissidents (the name is not disclosed), the analysis of which showed that it was hacked with the help of the new Pegasus spyware update developed by the Israeli company NSO Group.

Neither the existence of this program nor the vulnerability of Apple is news. An independent expert group from Citizen Lab has already established some time ago that hacks are carried out through the iMessage messenger. According to them, the problem affects all systems of the company – Apple iOS, macOS and WatchOS.

However, scientists have now managed to get hold of a piece of code (exploit) of a malicious program, which greatly helped to understand the mechanism of its operation.

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