“After 0-4 from Columbus, he grew up a lot, was energized. I thought I had framed the team “, reports Sergachev about Kucherov – Hockey

Tampa defender Mikhail Sergachev spoke about the reaction of the forward Nikita Kucherov’s team to being knocked out by Columbus (0-4 in a series) in the first round of the 2019 Stanley Cup.

– After the victory, John Cooper went to the Spittin ‘Chiclets podcast and told a lot of interesting things. Didn’t you listen?

– Yes, yes, I did.

– He said that he had to change as a coach after being eliminated in the first round from Columbus. Have you noticed how he has changed?

– He became calmer. If earlier we lost 2-3 matches in a row, then he was very worried. Now, after two or three defeats, he is calm, he says: “Guys, everything is fine. We’ll play one game well, and we’ll play. ” This composure in him was even more evident after the defeat at the Columbus.

– Cooper said another interesting thing about Kucherov, that he has matured and become a more team player.

– He took it personally. I think Cooch has grown a lot since that defeat to Columbus. Both as a person and as a player.

He was charged with that failure, he believed that he had framed the team with his removal and disqualification, and indeed we lost 0-4. After that, Kuch was loaded and spent the whole summer in the gym and the garage, where he threw the puck, ”Sergachev said.

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